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Senior Citizen Protects Self from Robber

On Sunday evening, March 10th, in Ocala, Florida, James Stevens, an 81-year old, saw he was being followed.  Since he didn’t want this person following him home, he pulled over and so did the would-be robber.

Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr., a 28-year old, approached James and demanded everything he had.  This turned out to be a mistake, as James had a .38 revolver and “gave” Lonnie four .38 bullets. Continue reading

Gun Stops Cattle Prod Attack and Robbery

On January 2, 2012, Lance Tomberlin decided he wanted to rob a convenience store.  He entered the store located just outside of Tallahassee, Florida and ordered the clerk to give him the money.

Lance started shocking the clerk with the cattle prod.  Finally, the clerk pulled out a handgun.  Lance suddenly figured he would be on the losing end of a battle and ran away, ending the attack and robbery.  Another employee ran after him, but he escaped in his vehicle.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement that the robber was arrested yesterday, January 8th and charges of armed robbery and aggravated battery were filed.  Just the presence of a firearm by a concealed firearms permit holder stopped the vicious attack from continuing.

Stopped with a Firearm: Naked Man Chokes Dog, Attacks Homeowner [Video]

At 5:30 am in the Morning of January 2nd, a homeowner in Miami, Florida heard his dogs barking and discovered a naked man choking one of his Rottweilers.  He homeowner tried to get the attention of the naked man, but was attacked.

The homeowner fired at the naked man and hit him in the leg.  The seemingly-crazed naked man was held for the police by the homeowner and then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Continue reading

Robber Shot after Shooting Victim

On December 28, 2012, am armed criminal stole a gold chain from another person in Miami Gardens, Florida.  As the robber was escaping, he shot the victim in the leg.

The victim returned fire.  The robber was arrested and taken to the hospital.