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Veteran in Georgia Protects Himself with a Pistol [video]

Mark Sikes is a veteran of the Korean War that is in a wheelchair.  On January 23rd he exercised one of the rights he fought to preserve.

A man dressed in black broke down Mark’s door.  When Mark heard the noise he retrieved his 9mm pistol.

Mark Sikes goes for his pistol

When confronted with the firearm, the burglar fled the house, located in Bogart, Georgia.  The Athens-Clarke County Police were still looking for the intruder who apparently had a car waiting outside. Continue reading

Mom Hides with Children and Shoots Intruder When Discovered [video]

In the afternoon of Friday, January 4, 2013, a burglar with a crowbar approached a house in Loganville, Georgia.  The woman inside saw the man and took her 9-year-old twin daughters into the attic.

The burglar eventually found them and the woman fired six times from a .38 revolver.  The criminal begged her not to shoot him again and she ran with her daughters to a next door neighbor. Continue reading

Citizen Stops Bank Robbery

On Friday, December 28th, 2012, Eric Roberts walked into the Capitol City Bank in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Roberts made a grave mistake that day when he pulled out a gun and tried to rob the bank.

Adrion Bell, who happens to be a deputy for the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, advised Roberts not to rob the bank and put his weapon down.  Roberts instead made Sergeant Bell feel threatened, so Bell shot the robber once. Continue reading