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(Report on Second Amendment Infringements)


Wanna win guns and eat wild game ?

Thurs June 20th  Lions Club Napredak Hall in San Jose

Lions Club International is hosting a  Wild Game Feed and  Gun Raffle !   AND YOU ARE INVITED !

Thurs June 20th  at the Napredak Hall in San Jose off Montague Expressway.



Get the latest CA Legislative Review HERE

Next meeting GS2AC is Monday June 24th

Good news to report at our next meeting!!! …. some efforts to destroy our gun rights have been crushed…. and equally important…. BBQ TICKETS GO ON SALE!! Get Fat!! Win Guns!! You could be the winner of a $500 shopping spree at Sportsman’s Warehouse!!!!

No host dinner starts at 6pm Meeting at 7pm.

Meetings are held at the American Legion Hall 2120 Walsh Ave. Santa Clara CA 95050. We will meet in the smaller meeting room …. next to the rest rooms.


From Hwy 101 take the San Tomas / Montague Xpy Exit…. GO SOUTH on San Tomas. Go 3 Blocks. Turn left on to Walsh. Go 1 block and the American Legion Hall is on the right. PARK WAY IN THE BACK…. Enter via the back parking lot glass door.

FOOD SERVICE AVAILABLE!!! I’ve talked with the cook and she will love to have the food on hand you really like! We will be posting the menu on the GS2AC website! Prices are VERY REASONABLE!!! They even have a bar on site with your favorite adult beverages!!!



Here is a map of the Right to Carry as of February 2019. Click here for an automated map showing the progress we have made for every year since 1986.

(Click Here for food menu)




Finally Some Gun Crime Sense in San Jose


New Ammunition Regulations Start This June


Anti-gun Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested for Murder Using Gun!


Having Accuracy Problems while Shooting Your Handgun?


Californian Gun Owner Thrown in Jail after Registering Their Assault Rifle


CA CCW Map by County


Illegal Seizure of Firearms by San Jose Heads to the Ninth Circuit Court


A Good Guy with a Gun Beats Evil Only When He or She Acts


14 Companies Start to Ignore 15 Million Law-Abiding Citizens – Action Needed


Mother-Daughter Tag Team Stop an Armed Robber (Video)


Charlton Heston on the Second Amendment

A great speech given in 1997, but still spot on today!

 Gun Control Is Failing

The State of Heller

Here is a great article by Dave Koppel on the effects of the Nordyke case by our own Don Kilmer!


California State Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Gunrunning!

Armed Female Saves the Day

City, City Bang, Bang

City Watch Groups Forming – Training

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Shoots Down California’s Concealed Carry Restrictions !!!!!

National Guard Being Trained to Fight Second Amendment Supporters

New York Anti-Gunner Carries Firearm Into School

NRA Forces Gun Control Celebs Out of The Closet!


Store Manager Saves Employees

Proof the United Nations Has Been Working for Over 50 Years to Grab Guns in the United States

Would You Believe Obama Voted for Stand Your Ground Legislation?

Calguns Wins and Gets Check from Merced County for Over $9K

Anti Gun Lobbyist Endorses Assault Rifle Use

Shovel Ready Project to Build an AK-47

San Jose Police Officer Sets the Record Straight Concerning Assault Rifles

Attention Amazon buyers!

If you want the good pricing from Amazon and a chance to help Calguns click on the Amazon logo in the right-had bar of our website. Amazon will receive up to 15% of the purchase and it will not cost you a single cent! You can also use this link to help Calguns when you shop on Amazon:


Peter Taussig

See the video of Peter’s presentation plus the Q&A section that followed.

 California is a stand your ground state


gunfactsdonateTo Gun Facts!

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Support Calguns when you use Amazon!

Second Amendment Organizations


  • Seconf Amendment Foundation Seconf Amendment Foundation
  • Gun Owners of California Gun Owners of California
  • Calguns Calguns
  • Gun Owners of America Gun Owners of America
  • National Rifle Association National Rifle Association
  • Firearms-Policy-Coalition Firearms-Policy-Coalition

Gun Shops

  • Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting
  • Bay Area Gun Vault Bay Area Gun Vault Bay Area Gun Vault
  • City Arms City Arms City Arms
  • U.S. Firearms Co. U.S. Firearms Co. U.S. Firearms Co.

Shooting Ranges

  • SV Rod & Gun Club SV Rod & Gun Club
  • Coyote Valley Sporting Clays Coyote Valley Sporting Clays
  • Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club
  • Metcalf Shooting Range Metcalf Shooting Range
  • Target Masters West - Milpias Target Masters West - Milpias


One Response to GS2AC

  1. nicole yadon says:

    Desperate for help! CA DOJ approved 3 gun purchases for my husband then raided our home and arrested him for having them! We have spent over $20k in atony fees and haven’t even been to trial. We need more fire in our fight. Any help or guidance is appreciated. I don’t understand how they can get away with this. This is entrapment, but now we have to convince 12 jurors of just that!

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