Environmental Slight of Hand

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3 carde Monte with your Second Amendment rights. . .

Rifles, cannons, mines and bombs.   In war, soldiers rely on various weapons in the course of their conflict.   And in general, the army with the best weapons usually wins.    But this is not always so.   Sometimes it is the tactics of deceit and misdirection that allow the weaker of the opponents to suddenly apply a concentration of force and win the day.

Politics is not much different.    While most politicians do not enter into their conflicts bearing an Uzi against their opponents, all politicians carry weapons.  The chief weapon in politics is words.  Used in combination with misdirection and deceit, nations have been known to fall without so much as a shot.

I submit that the greatest threat to our liberty, especially those enshrined in the Second Amendment,  are at risk by political types who are using linguistic slight of hand to destroy what our founding fathers paid so dearly for.

Take for example the effort to protect “bio diversity“.

I think it is fairly reasonable to say, that an environment with a vibrant population of numerous types of wildlife is better than one with only a few species.    And frankly speaking, I think the average rational person believes the same thing.    And frankly speaking I think there is good scientific reason to consider an ecosystem with abundant diverse life forms is better than one without.

The problem is that there are political types that will twist this common sense into a bizarre extremist fantasy that Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot would be proud of.   This has taken the form of the United Nations Treaty on Biological Diversity.

In sum, this treaty mandates that human beings are only a small part of the planet’s biological population and that human needs are no more valid than the needs of a rat or a cockroach.

Enter in the environmentalists who now insist that the Treaty on Biological Diversity dictates that large areas of the world (especially in the United States ) should be returned to a purely natural state with no human intrusion.    This mindset has invaded organizations like the Dept of Interior  who have now largely ceased to remove the dead trees, etc. in our national forests.    Why? They fear that the fire roads necessary might disturb the natural state of things.    So what happens when a lightning strike hits in one of these areas?    Massive wild fires destroying literally millions of acres of forest land.

And this is where the gun grabbers inject a slight of hand.    If the danger of fires is so great, then isn’t it reasonable to restrict activities that might cause a fire, even if only accidentally.    Activities such as say, shooting?    Isn’t that neat!  The people who created the problem now insist that it is you and I who must bear the load to correct the problem that they created.  And don’t even think about dealing with the real problem:   A fire load that could easily corrected using logical management strategies to clean up the brush.

This is no joke.   I used to go shooting with friends who had cabins up in Big Bear Lake .  After the last major fire there, you can not even drive on the roads in those areas.   And shooting is verboten!     This is also true in Nye County ( Las Vegas ) Nevada .  This year the same excuse closed down shooting areas I used to go to with a college friend who owns a home in Henderson .    And what’s worse, this year, the Bureau of Land Management is now talking about restricting shooting on ALL  BLM land , citing similar fire dangers.    So, if you have fewer and fewer places to go shooting, how do you practice your sport?  How do you exercise your right to own a gun and shoot?  The local shooting range?  If they can shut down wilderness, how long before they shut down your local range?

The bottom line is this.  Especially for those who consider themselves “environmentalists” you have been suckered.   Bad people, with bad intentions, have taken a legitimate concern and twisted it into a justification for evil.     The world is increasingly being run by leftist ego maniacs with a Pol Pot mentality.   And these people are not beyond doing to us, what Pol Pot did to 1/3rd of the Cambodian people.

This is no game.  This is how the left works.  You should be angry.  And you should be fighting back.   And you had better get fighting now before you are not allowed to fight at all.

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