A Testament to Gun Control

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Liberals Impose Gun Control on Campus and 32 Students Pay the Price

Virginia Tech is an institution that had proudly banned firearms on campus.  Even the regular campus police officers did not carry them.

And then someone decided to ignore the rule.

He carried two semi-auto’s on to campus.   He coolly walked into one dorm room and shot two fellow students.  He then calmly walked to his room to re-load and refit.     Then the murderer took the time to go to the post office to mail a package to NBC.   Two hours after the first shootings he walked to some classrooms in the Engineering Building and started shooting again.

When he was done, police estimated he had fired over 250 rounds.  When he was done, 32 students lay dead.  When he was done, scores of others lay wounded.   And when he was done abusing his fellow students, he committed a final act of cowardice and shot himself.

When he was done, he proved that gun control does not work.

When he was done, 32 students had to pay the price to prove the point.

The fact of the matter is this:   The authorities deprived the students of the means of self defense.   They forced the students to depend on them for their security and then did NOTHING to protect them.     The authorities KNEW about the first shooting and for two hours failed to do anything.   Excuse me, let me correct that………… they did send an email notifying people that the initial shooting had occurred.    Whoop tee doo.

What is worse is that within a few hours of this tragedy,  those benevolent people at Handgun Control Inc. were using this slaughter as part of a sales pitch on their website for more donations…ostensibly  so they can instigate for more colleges to be just like Virginia Tech.

Let me say this plainly; Gun control is murder.  And in the case of HCI, murder for profit.

Criminals do not obey rules.  Criminals do not obey the law.  If you create a safe zone for criminals to break the law, innocent people WILL die.

Gun control advocates are blithering idiots.    If someone is willing to break the law against murder, you would have to be a mindless cretin to think they are going to obey the laws regarding gun control.

But when you insist on imposing this gun control fantasy on the rest of the population in spite of this fact you cease to be an idiot and you become something much worse;   A callous, arrogant, ego-maniac willing to engage in criminal negligence to advance a political agenda.

I generally avoid wishing death on anyone.   But in the case of the narcissists at HCI,   I yearn for the day when they get a dose of their own medicine.  I only hope it happens before thousands of other defenseless, law abiding Americans have to pay the price for living in this fantasy world they seek to create.

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