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AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

The AA-12 is a fully-automatic Shotgun that comes with a 20-round magazine.  A 32-round magazine is an option.  When loaded with special long-range grenades (armor-piercing, HE or fragmentation) it is capable of “cleaning out” buildings at 100 meters.  This weapon … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Advocate Gun Control

by Mark Towber [Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog] Stupid me ! How could I have limited myself to just one form of gun control for Hollywood activists.. I forgot to consider the content we would have to … Continue reading

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Emotional Attack on the Second Amendment

by Fred Hoot [Origionally posted 12/23/2007 – imported from old blog] There is some very sad news and some good news that I have to tell you. The Virginia Tech shootings that took place on the “Gun-Free Zone” of the … Continue reading

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The Governor’s Hangover Remedy: Remove My Liver

Ladies and Gentlemen……..some thoughts regarding the Governor’s recent plan to release 22,000 criminals from jail. The Governor’s Hangover Remedy:   Remove My Liver. Schwarzenegger proposes release of  22,000 inmates to save money. And what will be the cost to the state … Continue reading

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Gun Sales Point to Recession?

by Mark Towber [Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog] I’ve been watching developments in the economy and getting worried about what I see. The rapid devaluation of the dollar, massive bank losses due to the sub-prime mess, the … Continue reading

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It’s the Deer, My Dear

by Fred Hoot [Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog] Every year, hunters take to the roads in hopes of bagging their own seasonal favorite.  Some go for duck.  Some go for quail.  High on the list of some … Continue reading

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A Reason to Advocate Gun Control

by Mark Towber [Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog] I think there might be a good argument for some types of gun control. Specifically for those Hollywood activists who advocate gun control laws, I believe these people should … Continue reading

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Public Opinion Swaying in Favor of Gun Rights

by John Jorgensen [Origionally posted 12/19/2007 – imported from old blog] In the wake of of the ever popular “Bill of Rights Day” last weekend (who knew?) Two very recent polls are quietly being reported that show Americans are waking … Continue reading

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Senator Dianne Feinstein does not accept normal email from “third party organizations” like the GS2AC

Dear Mr. Jxxxxxxxx: Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate your e-mail and welcome the opportunity to correspond with my constituents. Unfortunately, due to the volume of mail I receive, I cannot respond individually to messages sent from third parties … Continue reading

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Two Shootings…… Two Very Different Outcomes

When the “sheep” have fangs,  “wolves” die and the innocent are saved.    But who will save the rest of us from the gun control fanatics at the Brady Group? April 16 2007 dawned at Virginia Tech.  And for 32 students, … Continue reading

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