Emotional Attack on the Second Amendment

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by Fred Hoot

[Origionally posted 12/23/2007 – imported from old blog]

There is some very sad news and some good news that I have to tell you.
The Virginia Tech shootings that took place on the “Gun-Free Zone” of the VT campus has started to become a gathering place for those who wish to attack the Second Amendment by appealing to the emotional aspects of those shootings.  Yes, I feel very emotional towards the shootings and have some items that would have helped or would help in the future:
Outlaw all “Gun-Free Zones”.  The murderer didn’t pay attention to that campus rule.  Although we will never know what went through that murderer’s mind, he might have had second thoughts if he knew that the campus was not a target-rich environment.  Even murderers who are bent to killing sometimes do think of their own demise at someone else’s hand.  And we definitely know that the presence of concealed weapons on campus would have dramatically reduces, if not eliminated most of the 32 innocent victims.  This is evidenced by at least four shootings or attempted shootings in the past year where people carrying firearms or who had retrieved firearms from their cars were able to stop the murderer or would be murderer right in his tracks.  We would see a dramatic drop in the number of killings.
With concealed weapons being carried on campus, there is a very high probability that a person trying to kill a lot of people will be stopped.  If the person survives and is convicted of killing someone, they should be given a very public hanging: tie a rope around a tree limb, sit the person on a horse with the rope around their neck and then let the horse ride off into the sunset.  After the first few public hangings, we would see a second dramatic drop in killings.  Remember the Constitution prevents “cruel AND unusual” punishment.  Hangings are very commonplace in the world so they are not unusual.
Go after everyone in the Virginia Tech system that promoted creating a “Gun-Free Campus” and fire them.  Just to be humane, which is more that they are to the innocent victims they created, give them two month’s severance payable weekly until it runs out or they find a job..  Anyway, they should be able to quickly find employment in the University of California system.
Now the bad news:  One-half of the innocent victims’ families are going after the Virginia legislature; not to allow concealed carry on all campi, but to close the gun show “loopholes”, even though the weapons were not bought at a gun show.  They also want to make sure anyone referred for any mental treatment (even for something as innocent as bereavement counseling) are permanently banned from exercising their Second Amendment rights.  For the record, I believe that people with mental problems that involve violence and murder should be banned from gun ownership, as well as being banned from owning a baseball bat.  In fact, they should be locked up.
Andrew Goddard, whose son Colin survived the shooting after being hit by four bullets, seems to be spearheading this drive.  I expect we will see the fingerprints of the major gun control factions appear soon.
The good news:  At least one person, State Senator-elect Robert Hurt, is for preserving the Second Amendment.  He says “…it’s a liberty factor.”
Also, pray for Phillip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  He is leading his group to combat this assault.
The article, Va. Tech Families to Lobby Legislature, by Kristen Gelineau of the Associated Press caught my attention and prompted me to comment.

Fred Hoot
VP, Golden State Second Amendment Council

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