It’s the Deer, My Dear

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by Fred Hoot

[Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog]

Every year, hunters take to the roads in hopes of bagging their own seasonal favorite.  Some go for duck.  Some go for quail.  High on the list of some are bear and elk.  Mountain lion was high on lists until some wackos in California decided that the “cuddly” cats were becoming extinct and needed to be protected, despite the number of rising attacks, but that is a different story.
Deer are another favorite, and that is what I am writing about today.  In fact, about 1,500,000 of them are taken each year.  Around one hundred fifty people also lose their lives each year trying to get one.  This comes to 1 in 10,000 people to deer ratio.
Many readers might think these numbers are too low.  Others, like the members of PETA probably think the numbers are too high for their liking.  However, I would even bet that at least one or two PETA members actively, but under the cover of darkness, partake in this time-honored tradition.
All of this happens and the gun powder is dry – not a microgram has been used; not a single non-lead bullet (in California , of course) is pushed down a barrel to cross a valley to take down Bambi or her brethren.
Yes, you read the above information correctly.  There is not a typo in those figures.  There is no mistake about it.  Also, more importantly, I did not go crazy from eating some undercooked wild boar or mountain lion.
I’ll give you a hint: $1,500,000,000 is spent.  That’s right: ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS.  That is around an average of $1,000 per deer, dear.  Now, realize that this figure is an average.  If you are one of the more unfortunate hunters, you could possibly spend $10,000 or more.
It just depends on how expensive a vehicle you own.

Fred Hoot
VP, Golden State Second Amendment Council
Disclaimers:  These figures are from 2005, so they might be a bit higher in 2007.  The Author is not responsible for the miss-use of the information presented in this article, and these figures are included for educational purposes only.  If you hit a deer and it costs you $150,000 maybe you should have been paying more attention to where you were going.
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