More Reasons to Advocate Gun Control

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by Mark Towber

[Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog]

Stupid me ! How could I have limited myself to just one form of gun control for Hollywood activists.. I forgot to consider the content we would have to ban in the films they made.
We should also ban them from making any films where firearms are present. ( including paint ball guns, rubber band guns and the like ).
Furthermore, we should also restrict their filming of anything which might be construed to be a firearm or have symbolic value as a firearm. Accordingly, no one would be allowed to appear in their movies with big muscles…… afterall, we can’t have anyone thinking to themselves ” wow, look at those big guns “. Other collateral symbols to be banned would be any product made by firms with names that might be construed to have an affirmation of firearms ( eg cameras made by Cannon ).
We would also have to censor any and all verbal content that might lead the viewer into some affirmation of firearms. Ergo, no scenes would be allowed in their films where people were having fun because someone might say to themselves , ” Boy they look like they are having a blast ! “.
The more I think about it…. the more I like gun control !

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