Public Opinion Swaying in Favor of Gun Rights

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by John Jorgensen

[Origionally posted 12/19/2007 – imported from old blog]

In the wake of of the ever popular “Bill of Rights Day” last weekend (who knew?) Two very recent polls are quietly being reported that show Americans are waking up to their 2nd Amendment Rights. In the first poll reported by CNN, 65% of all Americans believe that the US Constitution gives us the right to own a gun.
In a second poll conducted by Zogby it is reported that the NRA endorsement of presidential candidates has the most sway with voters.,244388.shtml

Living here in California for over 30years where gun banning has reached an art form, I guess I have been insulated to what is really happening in our country. It gives me hope that this public opinion will grow and eventually infect a majority of those in the Golden State.

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