The Governor’s Hangover Remedy: Remove My Liver

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Ladies and Gentlemen……..some thoughts regarding the Governor’s recent plan to release 22,000 criminals from jail.

The Governor’s Hangover Remedy:   Remove My Liver.

Schwarzenegger proposes release of  22,000 inmates to save money.

And what will be the cost to the state when these 22,000 inmates get caught breaking the law again?  And what if those low risk offenders graduate to violent crimes?   

And if the Governor really wanted to save money, wouldn’t we be better off if he deported the 40,000 inmates who are illegal aliens and sent them back to Mexico ?

When someone wakes up with a hang over from a drunken binge, the common refrain is “I’ll never drink again”.   It’s very rare that we hear that drunk say, “  Hmmm,  maybe if I cut out part of my liver, that will solve the problem “.

But this is exactly the kind of thinking going on in the Governor’s office today.

Governor Schwarzenegger has presided over a drunken spending spree and has now woken up with a deficit hangover.    His solution?  Release over 20,000 criminals from jail so he can fire a bunch of guards and close some prisons.    This elixir is supposed to magically save the state over $1 billion.    But like most other solutions that erupt from the mind of an incompetent, self destructive addict, it is merely an exercise in slight of hand to avoid dealing with the bigger issue.   Criminal negligence, malfeasance and just plain incompetence.  And let’s throw in spinelessness too.   Addicts rarely show the backbone necessary to truly deal with their problems.   But they’re really good at trying to put the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders.

Let’s look closer at what the Governor is proposing.

The state releases 20,000 criminals from jail.   Let’s see…. If the recidivism rate is say, 70%, I wonder what 14,000 of those criminals will be doing within the year?   Maybe committing crimes?   I wonder what those crimes will cost the victims of those acts?   I wonder what the cost is for the police to track down and arrest those criminals?   I wonder what the cost is for the trial?   And if the criminal gets convicted, I wonder where he will end up?

And what’s worse, the Governor is assuming that none of these  “ low risk offenders”  will step over the line and move into violent crime.

Does this sound like the State of California is saving any money?    No, this sounds like a gutless, incompetent politician passing the buck.   The Governor is deftly dodging his way out of a situation by shifting the burden of cost to someone else.   He is papering over the fact that he is endangering the health, wealth, safety and the lives of the citizens of this state.   And he is doing it because he lacks the backbone and the maturity to do what a man would do:   Step up to the plate and solve the problem.  Fraud, waste and abuse by the State Government.

The real solution to the State’s financial problems is an issue of character.    Men and women of character do not waste taxpayer money on wild spending schemes so they can buy votes and support from special interest groups and unions.  Real men and women act like adults.  They understand there are limits to income and they make choices….. hard choices.

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