Two Shootings…… Two Very Different Outcomes

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When the “sheep” have fangs,  “wolves” die and the innocent are saved.    But who will save the rest of us from the gun control fanatics at the Brady Group?

April 16 2007 dawned at Virginia Tech.  And for 32 students, it was the last sunrise they would ever see. December 9 2007 dawned at a church in Colorado Springs but the story there ended much differently.   It ended differently because on that winter Sunday morning at the New Life Church , one of the targets of a murderer shot back, saving literally hundreds of lives. 

In both cases the murderer was mentally and emotionally unstable.   In both cases the community knew of their affliction.  In both cases the murderer was a young male.   And in both cases the cowardly attacker chose to prey upon people they expected to be easy targets.

But there the similarity ends.

Because, in the comparison of these two shootings, we have two drastically different approaches of how to deal with evil.   And at the core of this difference is the attempt to elevate character flaws to the level of a virtue.

At Virginia Tech we have the epitome of political correctness.   The disarming of a student body by a governing authority all too eager to flaunt their badges of liberalism.  The vilification of any student who questioned the policy pronouncements of these smug, self-anointed elitists.   The creation of a forced dependency upon an innocent population by a group of authoritarians with no intention of keeping their promise of peace and safety.  And in the aftermath, not one of the criminally negligent politicos was thrown in jail for their acts of cowardice and incompetence.

But at the New Life Church , we have the epitome of common sense.    The knowledge that evil exists.   The willingness to face evil.  The empowerment of the people to defend themselves in the face of this evil. And in the aftermath, hundreds of lives saved and a murderer given his due.

In one case arrogance, incompetence, and a criminal cover-up.  In the other, reality, courage and justice.

Gun control is nothing more than cowardice masquerading as a virtue.   Its proponents are as cold, cowardly and calculating as the murderers that their policy protects.   You will NEVER see a gun control advocate standing guard over your safety.  You will NEVER see a gun control advocate facing down a murderer.  You will NEVER see a gun control advocate taking responsibility in any way for the results of their actions.

Theirs is a fantasy world built upon arrogance, greed, and denial.   “We know better”, “It’s not our fault”, and “How can we use this to our advantage” are the catch-phrases of this crowd.   The mind of a gun control advocate has as it’s foundation a surreal haze of platitudes and illusions, magic and charms.   These are demented ideologues, spawned in the sick land of ego-mania.

Their predecessors are well known to us in history.  They have gone by names like Osama Bin Laden, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and their demented social policies have killed millions.   And just like their predecessors, we can expect these insane propagandists to lash out and vilify the defenders of the congregation at New Life Church , branding them as unstable, violent and bloodthirsty.  Such is insanity that it accuses others of its very crimes.

I ask the question:  Is there a clearer case demonstrating the failings of gun control and the advocates of gun free zones?   I ask the question; who will be held accountable at Virginia Tech for creating the gun free zone that lead to the slaughter of 32 students?   I ask the question:   Who will be held accountable for a clear act of criminal negligence blindly pursued by the cowardly and the politically correct authorities at Virginia Tech?.   And I ask one final question:   Will Sara Brady and the arrogant fanatics she has bred ever take responsibility for their role in the perpetuation of murder for political and financial gain?

I encourage each of you reading this to confront the next gun control advocate you see.   Confront them with their insanity.  Confront them with their negligence.  Confront them with their cold heartedness.

And I encourage you to demand that they pay a price for their behavior; a price commensurate with the carnage they have facilitated.

Justice demands it.

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