Poor Pistol Packin’ Perata

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by Fred Hoot

[Origionally posted 1/7/2008 – imported from old blog]

This is the same Don that wanted a 5 to 10 cent tax on every single bullet. He sponsored the California 1999 Assault Weapons Ban, which made us either register them or ship them out of state. This is the same Don that was so afraid of the law-abiding gun owners that he received a California concealed carry weapons permit with three guns listed on the form. He has fought for the abolition of the CCW permits, except for socialists like himself. The Don has done all this to make Californians safe from gun violence.

The all of a sudden he sees out of the corner of his eye a youth with an “automatic weapon” help like a gangsta’ sideways that tapped on the window of his 2006 Dodge Charger with 22” wheels and ordered him out of the car. I can just imagine the not-so-dapper Don soiling his pants. He also stated that there was no gun in the car when it was hijacked.

It is OUR (the taxpayers) car. Why is he driving a Dodge with custom wheels rather than a Prius? Arnold has blessed the Don’s socialist agenda and made California a green state where we are told what light bulbs we can possess, when we can or cannot burn a log in a fireplace and we have to get rid of our gas guzzlers or pay additional registration fees and penalties. I just paid over $400.00 for a smog-only test, registration fees and fees to get a Junk permit for my 1989 Lincoln Towne Car (the infamous Bush Mobile that terrorized the liberals for eight years). The Don gets a pass.

The gun was a “semi-automatic” weapon, not the “automatic” the Don said it was. With all the anti-gun legislation he has written, he is either really stupid or he is a liar; maybe both. It was also illegal for this youth to possess a loaded weapon in public. If I had carried a loaded exposed weapon, I would be a guest of the Gray Bar Hotel and the Don would probably throw away the key. The Don now feels sorry for the youth and says we need to put more restrictions on gun ownership. How will that prevent this same youth from illegally carrying a loaded gun in public? Will the youth in question suddenly realize that he performed an illegal act and stop doing it? I don’t think so. He will probably do it more because he knows that the chance of stopping someone that has a concealed weapon, and knows how to properly hold and use it, is real slim. In fact, winning $10,000 in the lottery has better odds.

The Don told police there was no gun in the car. Wouldn’t you know that the Don was too lazy to re-qualify for his CCW and let it lapsed? Why should he worry? All he does is need to call up a sheriff or a Chief of Police and get qualified to protect himself from the law-abiding gun owners again. The rest of us just have to dream of being able to obtain a CCW for self protection against criminals.

After the last election, the socialists have control of all the laws in the state, so the law-abiding gun owners are not effective any more. We need to gather some momentum and vigorously stand up for our God-given rights before the socialists take away all of them.

Fred Hoot



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