California’s anal thermometer will take your liberty and your guns

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California ’s Energy Commission plans to set the temperature for every home in the state from their cozy offices in Sacramento .   And the flame of every liberty may soon be extinguished because of it. 

2007 was a banner year for stupidity in the State of California .    First we had the Moron from Mountain View ,   Assemblymember Sally Leiber.  Sally proposed a state law that would put parents in jail for spanking their kids.    Even though she lacked   the grey matter necessary to distinguish between a keel hauling and a swat on the back side,   Leiber asserted that she, and only she, knew what was best for each of the millions of juveniles in the state.

Then we had another knucklehead in the Assembly who asserted that we were in the midst of a crisis and the only solution was that that all dogs and cats in the state needed to be spayed or neutered.   And then in December our illustrious Governor, Arnold the Girly Man, floated the idea of saving money by letting 22,000 criminals out of jail.   In these three instances alone, we have enough fodder for the next several sequels of “Dumb and Dumber”.

But in 2008 we take stupidity and arrogance to a new level.   A level that should be frightening to every free citizen.   A level that has ramifications for even those most cherished of freedoms, like the right to keep and bear arms.

California ’s Energy Commission has announced it is “considering” regulations that would mandate their authority to remotely control the thermostats of every home in the state via a computer chip installed in your furnace and AC system.    That’s right, some bureaucrat in Sacramento would have the power to decide how warm or cold your home would be.  And you would have no say in the matter.

Their reasoning goes something like this:   We have a problem of periodic power outages in the state.  So for the good of the State, bureaucrats need to have the ability to violate the sanctity of your home and dictate your energy use.

This is immoral on so many levels you can’t count that high.   And the precedence it set would have legal ramifications for every other freedom enumerated in our Constitution.

Think of it:   If the State can legally confiscate the environment of your home, you no longer have a private home.   If you no longer have a private home, then your home is now in the public’s domain.   And if you home is within the public’s domain, what is to stop them from simply taking anything and everything you have, whenever it is in the interest of the State?

I guarantee you that if this regulation goes into effect,  you will soon find the State remotely regulating, what you eat, what you drink,  when you can crap,  when you can watch TV and any other activity that might take place in the home.     And if you think that is far fetched, consider the current effort to MANDATE WHAT KIND OF LIGHT BULBS YOU CHOOSE and the effort to BAN TRANS FATTY ACIDS IN THE FOOD YOU CHOOSE to eat.

If this regulation goes into effect, it will become part of the ever growing cascade of legal precedent by which our society is governed.    Once being exercised, this regulation and its clones, will become a foundation for all manner of abuse.    And it will most certainly be seized upon by the paranoid gun nuts to justify the police entering your home and taking your firearms.   After all, those angry private property owners might just rise up and revolt in response to this rule.   And the State most certainly can not allow that!    Tyrannical bureaucrats must be shielded from the ire of the citizenry.   So if we can take the environment of your home, we most certainly have the authority to take their firearms as well!     And while this might not transpire immediately, it won’t take very long to build up the legal foundation to take these steps.

If anyone is going to be controlling the temperature in California , I submit that it is the people of the State of California who should be doing the controlling.     And if I had my druthers, each and every member of the California Energy Commission would be granted their very own seat in the hottest corner of hell.    Forever.

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