Super Tuesday

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by John Jorgensen

[Origionally posted 1/25/2008 – imported from old blog]

The presidential primary is fast approaching. As gun right’s advocates we are faced with a real dilemma. The only candidates that are currently viable are weak on gun rights. In fact, some are outspoken anti-rights. So what do we do? I have been pondering this for some time now and am still trying to tradeoff the the other issues that are important to me with the gun right’s issue. In the end I will vote for the candidate that is the best compromise with supporting some of our rights and strong on the the other key issues.
It is important to put this in perspective; not all is lost. As I wrote in my last blog we have a lot to be optimistic about. The general mood of the nation is moving in favor of our civil rights to possess guns and defend ourselves. Democrats lost the last 2 presidential elections because of their previous strong opposition to these rights and implementation of gun bans. They will attempt to down play the issue in this election as much as posible. But independent of who the Republican candidate is, the issue will be out there. The DC case will ensure that. I just cannot imagine that the Supreme Court will rule that “the people” in the US Constitution means “the government”. If they do this, then the Bill of Rights is gone. 2008 will be a major turning point for our civil rights and the beginning of their restoration; no matter who is elected president.

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