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Congress Can Give Us a Real Solution

The latest news in the gun rights movement that has everyone excited is the amicus brief to the Supreme Court submitted from congress in support of the DC District Court decision in striking down DC’s gun ban. We hope this … Continue reading

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Letter from Dianne Feinstein on Michael Sullivan’s Director of BATFE Nomination

Took her awhile to respond. I have no confidence she will do the right thing since she is a gun banner through and through. – GS2AC Secretary John Jorgensen. —– Forwarded Message —- From: “” <> Sent: Thursday, February 14, … Continue reading

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Can Americans Trust Obama with Their Constitutional Rights?

What can we say about the Presidential candidate Barak Obama based on the company he keeps? And are the actions of his supporters consistent with his own actions? If so, I submit that gun owners and Second Amendment advocates may … Continue reading

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Papa Weasel, Momma Weasel and Baby Weasel

Anyone can hang up a sign saying NO GUNS and be assured that a gaggle of liberals will trip over each other to be the first to provide help to any anti-gun agenda. In 1996, Los Angeles gave $1.5 million … Continue reading

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Oakland Police Chief Admits Gun Buy Back Has No Impact on Crime

OAKLAND Police collect more than 1,000 weapons ( But Police Chief Admits Gun Buy Backs Do Not Have Much Impact on Crime. ) Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer February 10, 2008 Soon after Oakland streets again exploded in violence, … Continue reading

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Spend, Spend, Spend and Spend more

by John Jorgensen [Origionally posted 2/3/2008 – imported from old blog] The feds are seriously thinking of returning some of the tax money that they extracted from us last year to get folks to spend money so as to delay … Continue reading

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