Can Americans Trust Obama with Their Constitutional Rights?

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What can we say about the Presidential candidate Barak Obama based on the company he keeps? And are the actions of his supporters consistent with his own actions? If so, I submit that gun owners and Second Amendment advocates may soon find themselves targets under a President Obama.

Symbols are an especially powerful thing in politics. Witness the fantasy known as Camelot that was used to paper over so many of the faults of the Kennedy Administration. Faults that included rampant wiretapping of American Citizens, connections to organized crime, and the abandonment of the Cuban patriots attempting to overthrow the Communist dictator to name a few. And when that fantasy was extended to cover the drunken younger brother of JFK , it lead to a cover-up of the date-rape and death of Mary Joe Kopechne . More recently, we have the Clinton Administration and it’s “Man from Hope” fantasy. The corruption and incompetence papered over by that fantasy are too numerous to detail in these few pages.

This is the kind of power symbols have in politics. And we should not hide from them. Because in identifying them, we may find many clues as to what lay ahead for we Citizens of the Republic. Given the increasingly realistic chance that the next President of the United States will be Barak Obama, I think it is especially important that we do so now.

Make no bones about it. As it has been said of Obama repeatedly, there is no there, there. With the exception of the Pin-Head from Plains, Jimmy Carter, I can not think of a more vacuous individual who has surfed a rising tide of symbology and gotten this close to gaining the Presidency. Here is a man with ZERO experience in an Executive role. He has not run any company. He has not managed any private business. I doubt he ever ran his own lemonade stand as a child. He has not demonstrated any particular genius. He has accomplished nothing on his own. And yet Obama has come to represent what an increasing number of starry-eyed Democrats think will be a great Commander in Chief.

Let me stress the word represent; because a representation is all he is. The Democratic Party is discovering that it may soon be resting its hopes on this candidate of vapor. And with momentum increasingly pointing to Obama as their next offering, they have no other choice than to shroud him in symbols to hide these facts. They are relying on powerful emotional hooks. They are attempting to paint him as the “Jakarta Street Kid” in the hopes this will give him a veneer of Lincoln-like humble beginnings. Ignore the fact that he lived in a very well-to-do neighborhood of Indonesia , with servants to attend his needs. No, Obama is a Jakarta street kid. One can almost imagine him playing in the streets of some ghetto, his patched trousers flopping on energetic legs, and the neighbors grinning at the sight of this innocent boy running to and fro. How very quaint. Then there are his Christian roots. Ignore the fact that his middle name is Hussein, ignore the fact that he attended a madrasa as a child, and ignore the fact that he can quote the Quran verbatim. Look at the Christian church he attends! (And please ignore the racist black separatist message it’s pastor preaches).

But the symbology I find most insidious revolves around our Grand Old Flag and the flag his supporters were recently caught displaying in Texas .

The US flag is a symbol. It is a symbol of our nation, our people and more importantly, our Constitution. Barak has rejected that flag. Having publically removed it’s representation from the lapel of his coat. And worse still, after doing so, berating those who wear the flag as hypocrites.

Compare this with his treatment of the Cuban flag. A flag that represents the tyranny, oppression and corruption of Communism. It was recently discovered that one of his campaign offices in Texas proudly displayed the Cuban flag, front and center, in the lobby. Worse still, that flag included an image of one of the most blood thirsty terrorists of the 20th Century, Che Guevara. You may remember Che’. He was one of Fidel Castro’s most dependable murderers, personally dispatching dozens of opponents to the Communist government of Cuba and actively fomenting rebellion throughout Latin America .

So how did Obama react when he was confronted with this fact? Did he publically state that the flag would be removed immediately from the office? Did he fire the supporters who proudly displayed the flag? Did he do anything to show his disdain for what these images represented? Did he distance himself in any meaningful way from this symbol of tyranny?

No. He did none of these things. He simply referred to the flag as “inappropriate” and moved on to the next issue. (Or was that a platitude? )

What we know from this juxtaposition of these two symbols and Obama’s reaction to them is that he is no friend of liberty. He is a friend of tyranny. He is more comfortable with a symbol of evil than he is with a symbol of liberty and freedom. Or maybe I should say, he is more loyal to the symbol of evil than he is to the symbol of liberty and freedom.

If Obama rejects the fundamental symbols of good that are the core of this nation, can we expect him to support, let alone respect, the fundamental structures of our nation? Can we expect him to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States ? And more specifically, can we expect him to support something as fundamental as the Second Amendment?

I think not.

This has been a lousy year for Conservatives and defenders of the Second Amendment. The candidates for office with a good record on the Second Amendment have been long-shots. The front runners have all been suspect, to say the least. Hell, it’s been a lousy 20 years. Candidate after candidate for the office of President has been weak, weak, weak on the Second Amendment. And those who have taken office have been no better.

I do not have a magic wand to make the RINO Republican’s disappear. And I do not have a magic wand to rear up a Second Amendment loving Democrat ( if there are any left ) Even if I did, it’s too late in the campaign season to effect a chance of victory. Let’s face it, who ever wins the election is going to be a dog where the Second Amendment is concerned.

But I do have a will to fight these bastards, Fight them at every junction. Fight them at every meeting. Fight them at every vote. Fight them at every point where our liberties are at risk. I have a will to stick my finger in their eye every chance I get. And I encourage all of you who read this editorial, to do the same. Strap it on. Lock and load. Stick to your guns. This may be December 1941, but the Battle of Midway is just around the corner. We will get there if we just keep fighting.

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  1. Anka says:

    Hell, I’ve heard enough times that hanvig a driver’s license (and, related, hanvig a car to drive) is a privilege, and their rationale would mean that pesky 4th Amendment doesn’t apply there either! Is there gonna be a “fine print” on our next license renewals that revokes any 4th protections, and will there be any “opt out” time limit to protest? (Tho it’s not like this administration has given a flip about any protests of unConstitutional things they’ve done.)

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