Congress Can Give Us a Real Solution

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The latest news in the gun rights movement that has everyone excited is the amicus brief to the Supreme Court submitted from congress in support of the DC District Court decision in striking down DC’s gun ban. We hope this will counter the brief submitted by the administration that asks the Supreme Court to send the decision back to the district court for review with the goal of supporting restrictions on our gun possession rights. I am still amazed over the betrayal to those¬†individuals who ensured that G. W. Bush was elected twice to presidency. I guess he forgot about the tens of millions of gun owners who supported him. With no new election for him to pander to the voters, I guess we see where he really stands on gun rights.

We should be pleased that congressional representatives (including Dick Cheney) are trying to neutralize the effect of the Solicitor General’s brief. However from the standpoint of legislative law the brief is mostly symbolic. Congress can play a much bigger role in getting our lost rights back. After all, it is congress along with the state legislatures that for the last 40 years (some of us remember that it started in 1968) have been passing laws that take the people’s rights away. We currently have over 20,000 gun control laws that do nothing to reduce crime but that restrict the rights of people to defend themselves and in many cases make it easier for criminals to kill people indiscriminately. The DC law is one of the most egregious of them but there are plenty of others that are causing people to die and should be the first to go. The first thing congress can do is get rid of the “Gun Free Zones” that have become “Killing Zones” for the criminally insane. With (I guess) the best intentions they have made our schools shooting galleries where our most precious people (our children) can now be lined up and killed until the shooter gets bored with the activity and kills himself. Here is clearly a case where taking the right of self defense away from the adults in the class rooms is killing our next generation. Just think what a professional terrorist could do whose main goal is not just suicide. Just look to the events in Russia (hundreds of children were tortured and murdered ) to understand what can and will probably happen here.

There are also other “Gun Free Killing Zones”. We have National Parks, State Parks, Local Parks, Government Buildings (i.e. Kirkwood, MO city hall), Parking Lots, Airports, Homes (i.e. in DC and Chicago), Motor Homes, Cars, Theaters, Churches, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, and I am sure you can think of many other very unsafe places to be. The solution to quickly getting rid of all of these “Gun Free Killing Zones” is to MAKE CONCEALED CARRY A NATIONAL STANDARD. This costs nothing more than passing a law making all current concealed carry permits that are already being issued by most states valid in all places in the US including “Gun Free Killing Zones”. The state permits all require finger printing, FBI checks and training, and have shown with time that they work very well. If congress really wants to prove to us that it supports the 2nd amendment before the next election then give us a real law that will effectively reduce crime and secure our right to self defense everywhere. In fact I challenge them to do this before the Supreme Court rules on the DC ban (expected in early summer). To do so, will put them more in the spotlight than the Supreme Court Justices and after all that’s what they should want in an election year. Congressmen and Congresswomen please show us that you really are 2nd amendment advocates and vote for a real solution; MAKE CONCEALED CARRY A NATIONAL STANDARD.

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