Papa Weasel, Momma Weasel and Baby Weasel

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Anyone can hang up a sign saying NO GUNS and be assured that a gaggle of liberals will trip over each other to be the first to provide help to any anti-gun agenda. In 1996, Los Angeles gave $1.5 million over three years to fund NO GUNS (Networks Organized for Gang Unity and Neighborhood Safety). Funding (estimated at more than $3 million based on previous years) continued until 2006. What caused the funding to be stopped? Apparently, the “Networks Organized for Gang Unity” part of this organization did quite well, as they used other people’s money to make sure gangs remained unified and strong. Imagine what millions tax dollars can do when funneled into gangs like the infamous 18th Street Gang, providing illegal weapons like fully-automatic assault rifles and machine guns (not just the semi-auto assault rifle “definition” our Left Coast Legislature decreed). Silencers galore purchased for the gangs so the residents of LA can sleep better without the sounds of loud gunshots piercing the night.

Despite the gang unity and great business dealings in the underworld, a rather dysfunctional family of Weasels is found to be at the source of this taxpayer rip-off.

Papa Weasel (Hector “Big Weasel” Marroquin) pleaded “no contest” to three counts to “manufacture, distribution and transport for sale of an unlawful assault weapon”. Why he was only charged with three counts is a mystery to me, as the Feds should have had a lot more charges. What about Federal Felonies that can put you in jail for 10-100 years without parole? So much for plea bargaining that saves the government money and costs citizens their blood.

Sylvia Arellano (I’ll call her Mamma Weasel), is Papa Weasel’s girl friend. She is 25 and he is 51. She pleaded no contest to the same charges and also to possession of a silencer, machine gun conversion. She had direct knowledge that her crimes were to benefit local area gangs. See, they really did help “gang unity”.

Hector “Little Weasel” Marroquin is Papa Weasel’s kid, is a convicted felon and is also a member of The 18th Street Gang. He was hired by Papa Weasel to keep an eye on the NO GUNS gang chicken coop.

Isn’t it just a wonderful world where the liberals ban guns from being owned by law-abiding citizens while directly funding gun sales from and to convicted felons? The public politicians who approved the gang gun running financing should be tried as accessories and locked up. We know who the real weasels are.

Fred Hoot

VP, Golden State Second Amendment Council –

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Inspired by the SFGate Associated Press article SoCal woman gets four years for gang gun sales.

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