Spend, Spend, Spend and Spend more

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by John Jorgensen

[Origionally posted 2/3/2008 – imported from old blog]

The feds are seriously thinking of returning some of the tax money that they extracted from us last year to get folks to spend money so as to delay an economic downturn. I think the main goal is to prevent the economic correction until after the election. After all, we don’t want the incumbents to face the wrath of the electorate should a natural down business cycle occur before their big day. Should that occur they might actually have to educate the folks on how economics actually works. No wait! What was I thinking about; they would only blame the other side. Anyway, my feeling is that they shouldn’t have taken the money from us in the first place if it so easy to give it back. But then if they did that, it wouldn’t buy any votes.

Since most of these scoundrels are anti-gun, it is my suggestion that we follow their desire for us to spend the cash and SPEND IT ON GUNS!!! Lets boost the economy of the gun industry and gun rights groups.
Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy a new pistol. In California this is especially important to do, before the dreaded micro-stamping bans them all. Get them now, while you still can.
  • Pool your money with your wife and buy an AR, before they are completely outlawed in this state.
    Buy ammo and lots of it. If certain state legislators get their way, it will become extremely expensive and hard to buy in the future.
  • Buy a new scope or some fine optics that you have been longing for.
  • Buy other stuff such as magazines, speed loaders, holsters, lasers, targets, reloading equipment, tactical clothing, hunting gear, etc.
  • If you are in a shall issue state get a CCW in that state. If not go get a Utah permit. Or do both.
  • Finally and most importantly, donate to your favorite gunright’s group(s). i.e. GOC, SAF, NRA, Madison Society, JPFO, GOA, etc. We need to stay vigilant, fighting the good fight!
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