School Unsafe Due to Image on Shirt?

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The silly news today is that a student in Pennsylvania was suspended from school for wearing a tee shirt with the image of a gun. See,2933,336793,00.html The article says that the school is trying to ensure a safe environment. I do not understand the logic behind this. How can the image of a gun on a shirt make the school unsafe? Is the picture going to leap out of the shirt and shoot someone?

What we are seeing over and over again are a multitude of incidents of the murder of students on campuses across the nation.These are occurring in “Gun Free Zones”. It is these “Gun Free Zones ” where only criminals are armed that make our schools unsafe. When responsible adults in the schools are denied the right to self defense then the safety of the students and teachers is clearly compromised. If this Pennsylvania’s school administration wants to make their school safer, then the banning of pictures of guns is a misdirected and waisted effort. It would be better to arm a few teachers.

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