Stuck to the toilet of gun control

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I am , by my very nature, someone who is forever looking for the “why” in things. And with the number of bizarre events that happen each day in the world, it suffices to say I could spend each and every hour of each and every day pursuing this inquiry. What is amazing is the number of times I can find parallels between the bizarre that exists in the day to day world and the bizarre we find in the world of gun control.

Take for instance the recent case of a woman in Kansas who was found stuck to a toilet. Now, we’ve all heard the stories about the cruel practical joke of someone smearing super glue on a toilet seat. But in this case it appears the adhesion was an act of volition. Because in this instance we have a woman who decided to sit on a toilet seat for so long, that her skin had grown around it. How long? Two years .

No joke, two years.

And even more interesting are the actions of her “ boyfriend “. According to both parties, for two years he dutifully asked her to come out of the bathroom. And for two years he acquiesced to her reply of “maybe tomorrow”. And for two years he dutifully brought her food and drink. And it took two years before he thought something was wrong with his girlfriend and mustered the will to call the Sheriffs Dept. for assistance. And to make matters even more interesting, when the Sheriffs arrived to help she said that she was ok and did not want to leave.

So why would someone do something like this? According to the report, the toilet sitter lost her mother at an early age and came to spend the majority of her time indoors. One acquaintance said she had not seen her outside the house for 6 years.

So let me summarize the situation: A woman, despondent over the loss of her mother decades earlier, chooses to take root to a toilet. Her boyfriend lacks the common sense to think this might be odd until two years have passed. And when apprised of her dilemma, the woman believes she is ok and wants to stay where she is at.

And then it struck me: Is this any different than the people who support gun control?

For the gun control advocate, they seem paralyzed by a tragedy. Sometimes this tragedy is real and very personal. Sometimes only imaginary or distant. The incident becomes debilitating enough so that they find themselves secluding themselves in an imaginary world of safety , protected by walls of legislation. They become so engrossed in this world that they literally grow attached to it . And even when confronted with the reality of the situation, they insist their position is ok and they don’t want to leave it. How insistent? So insistent that the two must be pried apart . And as for the friend of the gun control advocate, here we have a person so unwilling to face the reality of a situation that they will ignore any standard of common sense and ignore the absurdity of their friend.

Take any public declaration by the gun control community and you will find these parallels over and over again; Repeated proposals to confine society within a cocoon of legislation that only provides a veneer of protection. The cocoon of legislation disabling the person whom it is intended to protect. The cocoon leaving the person totally dependent on others for their safety and well being. And a blind attachment to failed policies even when faced with the reality of a Virginia Tech or New Life Church shooting.
Like the woman who chose to sit on a toilet for two years, gun control advocates can only be described as emotionally and or mentally challenged. And in some cases this condition can only be described as an arrogant suicidal delusion. Little else can explain the twisted nature of their behavior.

And like the woman who chose to sit on a toilet for two years, the rest of us who live in the sane world need to pry them from their perch. I would also suggest that common sense mandates that we need to be quick about it; before all of us find ourselves helplessly trapped in a cage of someone else’s creation.

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