Give up your guns and rely on a sleeping 911 operator for your safety

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Handgun Control Inc……… Are YOU Listening?

When you dial 911, you expect immediate help for an emergency situation. And often your life hangs in the balance. But can you put your faith in the 911 system?

If the recent experience of one Memphis Tennessee resident is any measure, the answer is clearly no.

Lisa, ( her last name removed from the report ) , called the Memphis 911 operator because she was in danger. Lisa told the operator she was robbed at gunpoint earlier in the evening, and that she now heard someone trying to break into her home. “I just heard tapping on my window,” she told the operator. “I need somebody over here.”

And then the line went silent. Lisa continued to explain her situation, but the dispatcher did not respond – and not for just 15 or 30 seconds, but for one full minute. Then, sounds of snoring were heard on the line.

Lisa eventually got help, but only after she called another 911 agency.

How many times have we heard the arrogant know-it-alls at the Brady Campaign to Reduce Hangun Violence tell us that we citizens can not be trusted with the means of self defense? How many times do they assure us that we don’t need guns in this age of immediate 911 assistance? And how many people are now DEAD because 911 did not respond in time…….. or as noted in this instance, did not respond at all?

Think of all those single mothers who live in crack infested neighborhoods. Scratching and clawing everyday to keep their families together in the face of gangs like MS 13 or the Crips or the Bloods. Think of all those elderly members of our nation, of limited physical ability, exposed to every opportunist creep who crawls from the gutter. Think of yourself, at any moment of your life, when you were vulnerable or alone. These people need an equalizer. But for the folks at the Brady Center, the safety of the innocent and the vulnerable means nothing. The only thing that matters is their agenda, their egos and the money they get from pushing a cause. It is a mentality that springs from the same sewers that gave rise to Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. It is a sickness of the soul. A depravity of the mind. An ego-mania run amok. Evil in it’s origin and blind to it’s sickening result.

I am a firm believer in people being forced to take a dose of their own medicine. And if I had one wish come true in my life, it would be that every gun control advocate would have to face a real life scenario like this and suffer the consequences of being totally defenseless and totally exposed. And let me be clear: I mean suffer. Does that sound heartless? Maybe. But is it any less heartless than actively trying to strip people of their Constitutional right to self defense with ZERO concern for the outcome? I think not. I call that justice.

Ref: Action News 5 Special Report: Operator Error? Reported by Lori Brown Action News 5

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