GS2AC AB 2062 Ammunition Registration Protest

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After a 45-minute protest outside of the capitol in Sacramento , 8 GS2AC members joined a lot of other groups and took 40-plus Assembly offices by storm!  Actually, we had 10 teams sponsored by the Gun Owners of California and orderly visited the offices of the State Assembly members to present our opposition to AB 2062, the worst ammunition registration scheme ever to be unleashed by the anti-constitutional rights groups.  Stay tuned for the official report of our actions.

Enjoy the following pictures of our event!


We were up well before the crack of dawn


Well before the crack of dawn!


Crack of dawn


Arrived safely and preparing for the busy day


Our target is in sight

DSC_5836 DSC_5838 DSC_5839 DSC_5842 DSC_5844 DSC_5846 DSC_5849 DSC_5850 DSC_5851 DSC_5852 DSC_5853 DSC_5855 DSC_5856 DSC_5857 DSC_5858 DSC_5859 DSC_5860 DSC_5861 DSC_5862 DSC_5863 DSC_5864 DSC_5865 DSC_5866 DSC_5867 DSC_5868 DSC_5870 DSC_5871 DSC_5872 DSC_5873 DSC_5874 DSC_5876 DSC_5877 DSC_5878 DSC_5880 DSC_5881 DSC_5883 DSC_5885 DSC_5886 DSC_5888 DSC_5889 DSC_5892 DSC_5894 DSC_5895 DSC_5896 DSC_5898 DSC_5899 DSC_5900 DSC_5902 DSC_5903 DSC_5907 DSC_5908 DSC_5909 DSC_5910 DSC_5912 DSC_5913 DSC_5914 DSC_5915



Rick was more than happy to meet with us and discuss this and other bad pieces of anti-Second Amendment legislation.


Cornered! On top of that, he was very rude to his constituents!


Packing up at the end of a long day


We refrained from strong language when we met with legislators and their subordinates


The Governator was not inDSC_5918


A successful, but tiring day


A very tiring day


Very, very, very tiring…


The driver and I managed to stay awake to safely return home

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