Don’t Try This At Home – Or In New York

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John, a friend of mine, was saying the other day:

I am not sure I like the idea of Plaxico Burress becoming the “poster child” for gun rights because what he did was very irresponsible. He should have had the gun in a holster to be safe. But he is getting the shaft and he is a well known celebrity with a lot of people who maybe are not one side or the other on gun rights.

Plaxico is indeed getting the shaft, by a mandatory 3-1/2 year sentence for carrying a gun in New York City without a permit.  He was exposed when the gun slipped from his waistband and he grabbed it and shot himself in the leg.  This could also ruin his career as a New Your Giants Receiver.  Mr. Burress is not a resident of New York and cannot even apply for a concealed weapons permit. 

Yes, he definitely suffered from a complete lack of judgment when he went out.

  1. He should have checked the concealed carry laws in New York.  Yes, he did have a concealed weapons permit from Florida, but that is not recognized by either New Jersey (where he lives) or New York (where he works).  If necessary, he should have hired bodyguards who had permits for carrying sidearms.
  2. He should have been wearing a holster instead of carrying the gun in his waistband.  There are many types of holsters that can clip unobtrusively on your waist including some models that are also Blackberry and cell phone holders that would not seem out of place.  When the gun went off, he could have lost his manhood and have been talking several octaves higher.  Also, dust bunnies in the action of a pistol can cause the weapon not to fire and those same animals in the barrel can lead to the pistol exploding.
  3. He should not have been drinking while carrying the gun.

If there was a law in New York for having a severe brain fart, Plaxico should have been given a ticket, paid a fine and been released.  Unfortunately, there is no such law, or else the liberal politicians would have already bailed out New York State from its financial woes years ago.

But liberal RINO Bloomberger the have-it-his-way gun banner wants to make an example out of Mr. Burress.

He is even willing for the New York Giants to suffer.

New York should do the following instead:

  1. Fine Plaxico $100,000.00 for being inconsiderate and brain-farting in public.
  2. Recognize there is a United States of America that has a constitution that all of the New York politicians swore to uphold when they took office.
  3. Recognize the recent Heller decision from the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) and issue CCW permits to all law-abiding citizens who apply.
  4. Require the New York Giants hire me to advise their players on the correct way to carry concealed weapons for two years at a salary of $200,000.00 per year.
  5. Require the NFL to hire me for a 10-year contract at $300,000.00 per year to instruct the all NFL players after my two years with the NY Giants ends.
  6. My home bases would be in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Monterey.  Yes, I know there are no NFL teams in Monterey, but the California teams can travel to Monterey for instruction.  I could even combine spring training with the instruction by incorporating wild boar hunting, as they have to be able to run really fast and climb trees to get out of the way of a boar if they miss.

This is a no-brainer, so the New York politicians should have no problem with it.

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