The Brady Center Attacks Our Civil Rights Again

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The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Inc, AKA Brady Bunch, AKA Handgun Control Inc., etc. is on a roll again.  They released a report in November dated October 2008 called Assault Weapons: “Mass Produced Mayhem.

They attribute their sub-title to the BAFTE: The phrase “mass produced mayhem” is taken from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive’s description of assault weapons in its “Assault Weapons Profile” (April 1994).

The Executive Summary opens with: Assault weapons are military-style weapons of war, made for offensive military assaults.

The report then goes on and lists a list of guns that are not considered assault weapons by the BATFE they so lovingly quote.  Later, the Brady Bunch mentions a whole bunch of shootings with semi-automatic firearms.  An assault weapon used in war is fully automatic, so most of the stories in this report do not have anything to do with assault weapons.

This bunch of people also likes to spread the fallacy of “weapons of choice” for criminals and gang members.

On page 22, more blatant lies are spread along with a few humorous statements.

They mention a flash suppressor “allowing the shooter to remain concealed when shooting at night.  Also helps stabilize the weapon during rapid fire.”  Shame on you!  The fact is flash suppressors reduce the intensity of the flash when viewed from the shooters position, not from the side or front so the shooter is not temporarily blinded.

They also mix up the flash suppressor with the muzzle brake and barrel porting which do allow better control, especially for a second follow-up shot.

The Bunch also mentions the pistol grip they claim allows you to “‘spray fire’ from the hip” and “stabilize the weapon during rapid fire.”  A lot of you who read this have tried this method of fire and I bet you will agree the pistol grip does not make shooting from the hip easier, unless you have three of more extra joints in your arm than a human does.

They also claim the pistol grip helps you to control the weapon during rapid fire.  I know it does help you control the weapon for non-rapid fire.

Next on the list of things to attack are the folding stock and the reduced barrel length.  The reason the Brady Center uses is that they both “sacrifice accuracy and range” for “concealablity in combat situations” and “mobility in close combat.”

Do you see the paradox here? They want to ban options they think give you better control of your weapon and make it more accurate; no supporting scientific evidence is offered or even a personal experience saying “I used this weapon and found out that…”.  They then turn around and want to ban options they say make the weapon inaccurate and shorten the range hat the weapon can reach out and touch someone.  Again, no scientific proof is mentioned.

The list grows with high capacity magazines that extend outside of the pistol grip.  In the past the Brady Campaign has also wanted to ban high capacity magazines that did not extend from the pistol grip.  They are trying to cover both ends of this option.

They mention a threaded barrel that can accept a silencer.  They fail to mention that using a silencer in the commission of a crime is illegal.  They also fail to mention that very few states even allow the possession of a silencer and the federal controls are exceedingly tight.  You also have to pay a LOT of money for the special tax stamp that has to be affixed to the silencer.  I should also mention that when the silencer heats up, the tax stamp starts to degrade.  If so much as a flake of stamp falls off the silencer – you guessed it before I could finish this sentence – yep, you have to buy another one!

As a side note, there are places in the European Union (that is not at all friendly to firearms as the United States is) that require a silencer when hunting near dairy farms.  It seems the cows get upset and stop producing milk.

They do not care about gun violence (just about banning all guns) and they do not care about safety. They have pushed for barrel shrouds to be banned!  A barrel shroud prevents the shooters hand from being burned.  Needless to say, if your hand is burned while shooting, you will not be accurate and may cause violence to happen to an unintended target.

Bayonet lugs are also a prime target of the Brady Group.  Has anyone heard about all of those drive-by stabbings with bayonets (attached to the rifles)?  Neither have I.  Maybe that is if a person has a gun with a bayonet attached, I would bet a lot of money the bullets get used first!

Next on the list are attachments to a rifle for grenade launchers and flare launchers.  I try to keep up to date on the news, but I must have missed the recent spate of grenade attacks.  With the exception of repelling Godzilla or a T-Rex, I might have no use for the grenade launcher.  A flare launcher, on the other hand, should be required when hunting in the woods.  It would be a great help is rescuing you when you get lost.

On the other hand, if someone was attempting to take over our country, a grenade launcher would come in handy.

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