Brothers In Arms – All of Us Should Follow the General

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General Laney is a tough guy.  He hangs on to his rights like a pit bull, although he has a pair of Dobermans that guard his gun shop.  He needs them; from a really tough neighborhood where there are more illegal guns right outside his doors than there are legal guns inside.  He has been shot six times, but we don’t know about the condition of his attackers.  I could venture a guess they are no longer bothering anyone, but I don’t know for sure.

The general is so tough, he really does have brass balls.  He proudly displays the award in his shop. He has fought for his rights and has no apologies for anyone for his fortitude.  The sheriff tried to set him up by trying to do a straw purchase, arrested him, and took him to court.  The General fought back taking the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.  After he won a court case, he said this to the original judge: “Your honor, when you’re dead and in your grave, when you feel that water coming in, it will not be rain. That will be me pissing on you.”

He also believes that gun control is actually race control.  He says “It has been that way to keep blacks in servitude.”  He knows what he is talking about, as his shop was in a black neighborhood when he purchased it, but no blacks were permitted inside.  He changed that discrimination as soon as the purchase paperwork was signed.

The General teaches gun safety, self defense, CCW permit instruction and testing.  And he dosen’t put up with any nonsense.  “You come down here and shoot right or you get the hell out. In the classes we promote safety,” he claims.

The real surprise about the General’s store is its location.  Laney’s Guns and Supplies is in Detroit, Michigan.  He owns the only gun shop in the liberal city.

If we expect to keep our Second Amendment Rights during Obama’s administration, we had all better follow the example of General Laney, especially for those of us in California.

Fred’s note: I want to thank drew458 of the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System for finding this gem of an article that was the inspiration for me.

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