Indiana and the Temple of Doom

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Note:  This article is modified from the original by the author in order to be more suitable for a Second Amendment publication.  It was originally published in the Liberal Fair as a 5-part series titled Indiana and the Liberal Temple of Doom.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Great State of Indiana.  One evening, I needed to get some money from a teller machine.  I am waiting in line around 10 PM or so, and a person steps up behind me and he had a gun.  Milliseconds later, I noticed that the person ahead of me had a gun also.  No, this was not outside of a donut shop and the people were definitely not police officers, or even undercover cops.

I was trapped!  If I did not have a calm demeanor when placed in stressful situations, I might have tried shouting out to warn the woman withdrawing money from the teller machine.  I decided instead to take action.

Alas, I just bravely turned around and faced the person who was standing defiantly behind me and said in my strong calm voice “Nice Glock 21 you have there!”  Surprisingly, we struck up a conversation and were immediately interrupted by the person standing in front of me and in back of the nice old lady withdrawing the cash, who said “Thank you!”

Surprise, surprise – they both had Glock 21’s!  One was carrying CorBon hollow points (also known affectionately as flying ashtrays; thank you for this description, Dave) and the other had some real original Black Talons (they actually have a black anodized finish rather than today’s more “politically correct” copper-finish bullets of the same construction.

Does this exchange of friendly verbal social intercourse surprise you?  It would if you live in the Nuclear-free Zone of Berkeley, California out on the Left Coast.  Those people (both men and women) would have been pulling their cell phones from their Gucci handbags and calling police to report there were guns seen in public.

Being the Second Amendment supporter that I am, it did not surprise me.  You see, Indiana allows the Open Carry of sidearms for protection.  Of course, you have to obtain a permit, pass an FBI background search and be a law-abiding citizen of sound mind (at least not found insane or a danger to others).  Felons are strictly prohibited from ever being in the same house as a gun.

That being said, I felt very safe standing in line at a teller machine late at night between two gun-toting people.  Try doing that in Bezerkeley or even during daylight hours in the financial district of San Francisco and you will not feel very safe if you are not discretely carrying a sidearm.  As the Men’s Warehouse founder says, “I guar-un-tee it!”

Now, liberals (politically correct speech for Marxists) have the drive to stay in power and do no matter what it takes.  They need  to eliminate the possession of any weapons that their subjects could possibly use to fight back when they finally wake up one morning and realize they have no more freedom.  They are accomplishing this through the cowardly use of the judicial system as a back door method of putting in place restrictions they could never get the votes in our congresses to pass.

They are also using the tried and proven true method of a death by 10,000 cuts.  It has been wee known for millennia that a single small cut is usually not fatal, at least not from bleeding to death.  Cutting someone 10,000 times will probably kill them before the 10,000th cut.

In many areas they have successfully packed the courts with enough liberal activist judges to be able to allow unconstitutional measures and laws to be put in place and have removed constitutional laws, practices, and traditions that are blocking their way to complete control.  You say you don’t believe it?  Just look at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with more than 80% of their decisions being overturned.

Ok, I admit that the 9th Circus is run mostly by clowns that even some of the liberal establishment tries to distance themselves from, and therefore is just too easy of a target for my purposes.  I can still prove this has been done in the previously conservative state of Indiana.

The Indiana Supremes, not to be confused with a tribute band, have started the first of many cuts to come by changing the presumption of innocence that our entire judicial system is founded upon.  You should have learned in school (at least I did in a time they actually taught American History as it really was) that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  When we declared independence from not-so-jolly old England on July 4th, 1776, we made sure that the English law of being presumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent was to be forever stricken down.

The Indiana Supreme Court has just decided that gun manufacturers and gun dealers like your friendly gun shop small business owner are to be presumed guilty of having all their guns declared “public nuisances” unless they can prove otherwise.  What this means is that most of the small gun shop owners will be bankrupted by lawyer fees in trying to prove each and every gun they sell is not considered a nuisance.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Walker Law Group are helping to “rescue” the city of Gary, Indiana from gun violence by criminals and are providing a lot of lawyers to file suits against eleven gun manufacturers and six gun dealers.  All it will take is for one or more of these cases to be lost to the gun-banning Marxists and you will see a plethora of multi-million dollar lawsuits unleashed.  These suits will put all the dealers out of business, and could also bankrupt a lot of the smaller manufacturers who could not obtain hundreds of millions of dollars.

Imagine having to prove in a court of law that your teenager is not a public nuisance.  That is not a pretty thought.  Those lawyer expenses alone could bankrupt most people.

Now imagine having to prove that the tree in front of your house is not a nuisance.  All it would take is one neighborhood kid to climb it and fall down and break a leg or an arm, or even worse, break his/her neck.  Your tree could be found to be a public nuisance since it is attracting kids and enticing them to climb.  Here come the insurmountable lawyer fees in addition to the civil judgments.

The good news is that all the affected manufacturers are going to fight these ridiculous charges.  The bad news is that several of the six resellers have already caved in and agreed to draconian restrictions and costly oversight far beyond even the already strict Federal and State regulations they must follow.

Support the following manufacturers and buy at least one of their guns through your local dealer. 

B.L. Jennings Inc., Beemiller Inc. d/b/a Hi-Point Firearms, Beretta U.S.A. Corp., Browning Arms Co., Bryco Arms Corp., Colt Manufacturing Company LLC, Glock Inc., Phoenix Arms, Smith & Wesson Corp., Sturm, Ruger & Company Inc., Taurus International Manufacturing Inc.

I have my S&W .44 Mag with porting for those tough second shots – get your own favorite.

If you live in Indiana, buy two guns from your local gun shop.  They will need the support.  It is too bad the 1968 federal gun laws prevent you from buying out-of state guns (even though this breaks the fair interstate trade in commerce act) or else I would buy one directly from a dealer in Gary, Indiana.

It is a shame that the town of Gary is being charmed by snake oil salesmen that are proven liars.  That reminds me, wasn’t the town of Gary, Indiana swindled by a travelling salesman?  I think they made a play out of it: The Music Man.

Oh well, the gun-banning liberals already support corruption and dishonesty by worshiping at the Temple of Doom which includes the sacraments of abortion, abolition of rights of private ownership, freedom from religion and a disregard for the Constitution of the United States.

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