Snow Goose Holiday

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You may want to pack up your bags, guns and ammo and prepare to flee California for New York.  Have I lost my mind?  Possibly.  Am I suggesting moving to a state where the gun control freaks are nearly as plentiful as California?  No, just visit the state for about a month.

I am suggesting a quick flight to upper New York State.  I do caution you:  Do not book any flights that have a stop-over in New York City.  I will just about guarantee that you will be arrested and prosecuted for having possession of unregistered firearms in New York City.  No, an out of city person cannot register at all.  Fly into Buffalo or Rochester instead.

Why do all of this?  It is the Snow Goose.  It seems that these fluffy bright-white birds have been as prolific as caribou gathered around the warmth of the Alaskan Pipeline; maybe even more fruitful.  They are so abundant that a special season has opened up.

The legal take for these bountiful birds is 15 per person per day.  They also are allowing electronic calls for this special season!  You will also have to find or order a copy of the manual for your shotgun as you might want to remove the plug from the magazine.  Yes, they are allowing more than two shells in the shotgun.

Start booking your flights now, as the season is from March 11 through April 15, 2009 AD.  Also be prepared for big shipping charges or extra luggage surcharges on the return trip.  In theory, you can take 540 of these delicious birds that God made just for our meat!  America is indeed the Land of Plenty.

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One Response to Snow Goose Holiday

  1. Keith says:

    Nice to see the bird population has recovered 10 x from the 1960’s and is now over 1 million in population. I love a story like this.

    Except for one thing: I wonder what bird was hit by Flight 1549? Well, ya can’t have everything.

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