You Must Protect Yourself, As The Police Cannot

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Your home gets broken into, or you get robbed on the street or your child gets kidnapped and killed.  All of these things will be investigated by the police after the fact.  They cannot nor are they bound to protect you.

Our Founding Fathers knew that the authorities could not be omnipresent and they did not want the authorities to have such power.  After much debate, they came up with the idea of defending the God-given Right to protect oneself.  Thus the Second Amendment was born.

The Second Amendment was not for hunting.  The Second Amendment was not for plinking at tin cans or bottles in a field.  The Second Amendment was not even for sport.  It was and is for one purpose – protection.

Some other countries are beginning to see this.

Mohammad Javed Afridi lives in Pakistan.  He happened to be kidnapped and was chained to a bed.  He eventually escaped by using scissors given to him to trim his mustache to pick the lock.

He called relatives and they picked him up.

He then went to the police and used Google maps to help the police find the kidnappers location.  Unfortunately for Mr. Afridi, the kidnappers had left the building and are still free.  The police could not find or identify them.

He tried to get the police to find the criminals, but the police did something else.  They admitted they could not protect Mohammad and issued him temporary permits for four fully-automatic assault rifles.  These were not the so-called assault rifles California and gun banners complain about, but full-blown military weapons.

We need to convince our legislators to allow us to also protect ourselves.  After all, it is a God-given right.

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