Saint Gabriel Possenti Should Be The Patron Saint Of Handgunners

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I am often told that politics and religion do not mix and there is a separation between church and state.  I have to attempt to re-educate and deprogram these people by telling them that our country was founded upon the teachings of Jesus, our Savior and the Son of God.  Just flip through the Federalist papers and you will see The Lord’s name everywhere.

I came across the web site of the Saint Gabriel Possenti Society.  This site contains historical information on Saint Gabriel Possenti who was known as the savior of Isola, a mountain village in Italy.  Upon being attacked in 1860 by a band of soldiers from Garibaldi, Saint Possenti went unarmed toward the army, took a soldier’s handgun, had the soldier release a woman the soldier was going to rape, forced the army to put out the fires they started and permanently leave the village.

How did he do this?  A small lizard ran across the road and Saint Possenti nailed it with one shot while it was moving!  Needless to say, the town was saved.

The Saint Gabriel Possenti Society is trying to get Saint Possenti recognized as the Patron Saint of handgunners.

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