Will Kirsten Cave-in To Gun Banners?

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat and a gun-toting mamma approved by the NRA is Hillary Clinton’s replacement for the Senate.  I had remarked in a earlier blog entry that this seemed like a great thing for gun rights.  I did have some reserves and now I am seeing the possible tragedy from the gun owner point of view.

The liberals, who are really afraid of anyone except their bodyguards and police having firearms, began their attacks on Kirsten.  Her resolve is beginning to show.  It was reported that she had two rifles under her bed and the media and gun-banners went crazy.  Attacks came from gun-banners in the Senate.  More attacks came from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and similar groups.

I find it amazing that groups using the “Against Violence” title actually thrive on gun violence.  They are the first to jump on the bloody scene of a school shooting or a neighborhood bloodbath that was really a gang fight or drug deal gone bad between 16 to 20-year olds and say we should ban the guns or at least make bullets and cartridges impossible to obtain through misguided, feel-good, and technically incomplete solutions via legal restrictions (whew!).

Joyce Gorycki, co-chair of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence said “I don’t know why she needs two rifles.”  Whhhhell, Joyce, since you are so ignorant of what rifles and sidearms are used for, I will attempt to edumacate you.

One rifle is for deer and the other is for bears.  The rifle for deer has smaller bullets so you do not damage much meat and you can enjoy many meals from a critter that God gave us for food.  Read the Bible, particularly Genesis and you will see this is true and maybe get a better education in the process.  The rifle for bear has a louder BANG and is meant to stop a bear cold before he eats you.

Shotguns are most effective on duck and criminals that break into your home and threaten your life.  Sidearms are meant for discrete carry in public places and while traveling, dining and going to church.  In fact, every single time a state has agreed with the Second Amendment and the recent Heller decision in the Supreme Court that state has a markedly decrease in gun violence!  They also have a decrease in rapes and assaults and home invasions.  It is funny that criminals decide to go to areas where they know no one is carrying a sidearm for protection against the vermin and varmints.

Since the story broke, Kirsten has had a change of position: she moved the rifles from under the bed to a different undisclosed location in her home.  Let’s hope this is not the start of a cave-in to the liberals, as she will probably not be re-elected if she changes her position to eliminate the Second Amendment guarantees through regulation.

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