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Obama Voters Told To Leave Hunter Safety Class

Kell Wolf was a Volunteer Hunter Safety instructor for at least 15 years in Oklahoma.  Like most hunters and Second Amendment advocates I know (Yes, I know the Second Amendment is not about hunting) Mr. Wolf has rather strong feelings … Continue reading

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Self Defense And Deadly Force

Mr. John Pierce, the Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner and also a member of the Open Carry group posted an article entitled “The first thing you do is drag him inside”.  I smiled as I read and it planted a seed … Continue reading

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Liberals Are Responsible For Gun Crime

Cleveland, Ohio just had a horrific, senseless killing that slaughtered innocent children along with blameless adults.  The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence (Affectionately known as the Brady Bunch) and their friendly bull dog, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) will be … Continue reading

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