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Obama Voters Told To Leave Hunter Safety Class

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kell Wolf was a Volunteer Hunter Safety instructor for at least 15 years in Oklahoma.  Like most hunters and Second Amendment advocates I know (Yes, I know the Second Amendment is not about hunting) Mr. Wolf … Continue reading

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Self Defense And Deadly Force

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Mr. John Pierce, the Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner and also a member of the Open Carry group posted an article entitled “The first thing you do is drag him inside”.  I smiled as I read and … Continue reading

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Liberals Are Responsible For Gun Crime

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Cleveland, Ohio just had a horrific, senseless killing that slaughtered innocent children along with blameless adults.  The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence (Affectionately known as the Brady Bunch) and their friendly bull dog, the Violence Policy … Continue reading

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