Self Defense And Deadly Force

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Mr. John Pierce, the Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner and also a member of the Open Carry group posted an article entitled “The first thing you do is drag him inside”.  I smiled as I read and it planted a seed for one of my now-infamous comments, just hair-breadths away from a rant.  I do not rant.  I am just opinionated based entirely on spiritual, scientific and fully-documented knowledge about guns and God.

John starts by recognizing the value of free legal advice when offered by someone like My Cousin Vinnie.  If you have seen the movie and ignore the romantic way everything wound up (which is not what happens in the real world of law) you can imagine what free legal advice has done to increase the hundreds of billions of dollars each year that pour into real lawyers coffers.

He then tenders up the old adage “If you shoot an intruder on the porch, the first thing you do is drag him inside”.  Already he has sort of contradicted the premise.  The first thing the person did was shoot someone on the porch.  The second thing would be, according to the old familiar free advice, is to drag him inside.  (Before you liberal feminists and neuterists out there complain about my use of the word him, please note that most crimes of this sort are committed by men.)

In the good old days, that actually was sage advice and a lot of it was coming from lawyers and police officers alike.  In my youth, I was told that (along with the “…and I’m going to deny I ever said that” admonishment) by a highly respected law enforcement officer.  I was also told by another officer to just use a baseball bat and break a couple of bones as a warning if I caught someone inside my car liberating by radio by damaging the whole dash and electrical wiring (the same admonishment was also given this time too).

Remember that I said the good old days, and that was in Pennsylvania and not the Nanny State of CAca.  Back then, if you shot someone on your porch and they had a weapon (or a friendly cop had a throw-away) you could drag them inside, then move them, ruin your carpet with some blood and them drag them outside to finish bleeding on the porch.

The investigators would arrive and ask you “Are you sure you shot him inside?” and when you answered “I was just trying to stop them.” They would nod approvingly and call the coroner to pick up the sack of stuff that tried to totally ruin your day.  If you knew them real well you might just get a wink along with that nod.  When the Coroner tested the blood inside and outside the house and the blood type matched, you would get a call from the police officer and get a clean bill of health.

That was what the good old days offered.

 Today, the CSI team will come in and take 8×10 glossy photos… oops, I was just drifting off in a verse of Alice’s Restaurant.  The CSI team will take High Definition Digital Photos.  They will also collect everything including your kitchen sink and your dog.  They will also examine every orifice you have right after you get frog-walked down to the police station.  The CSI people will analyze the various blood spatters and drops and smears and all the other stuff they will find.

Here is what they would find in a hypothetical shooting:

  • You shot the person from a distance of 8 feet (good shot!) and the deceased was on the edge of your porch so they could not have even pressed the doorbell, let alone threatened you.
  • The gun in their hand, even though the deceased person’s prints were in all the right places on the gun, did not have powder residue from your gun and did not have the blood spatter from the Hydroshock bullet striking the deceased’s chest, although it did have one side of the barrel that came into contact when the deceased person’s blood pooled.
  • The angle of the fibers embedded on the front of his jacket showed you just drug the person inside and was strengthened by the microscopic cement particles in your rug showed you drug him inside.

Today, you are so screwed.

See some carcasses left after being hit with Hydroshock bullets, shotgun pellets, etc.

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