Assault on Criminals, Not Assault Weapons

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Assault on Criminals, Not Assault Weapons

The news article started out:

Irvington police launch new anti-crime effort

The tip came in on a Monday: A gun was stashed in a house on 21st Street in Irvington.

The next day, police got a search warrant and confiscated a loaded, military-style assault rifle illegally modified for automatic fire.

“That’s a big .223 round that will go through you and everybody else lined up,” Sgt. Peter Burgess told officers during a recent roll call at Irvington police headquarters.

Since the New Jersey Real-Time News (New Jersey has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation) had this story, I expected this to be heavily anti-gun and a supporting article for more restrictive gun laws.

This story was just ripe for picking up the megaphone and yelling about assault rifles.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

New Jersey, being a liberal state, is loaded with crime experts that will testify all day and night ad infinitum that the guns are killing people.  I personally have never seen a gun kill someone all on its own, but I would venture to bet that no one else has, despite the rhetoric to the contrary.

Irvington Police Director Joe Santiago, known for being a Dirty Harry type of straight-shooting policeman, and statewide director of anti-gang and gun initiatives Jose Cordero have taken the crime bull by the ba…, er, horns and decided to try something new: they are actually going after the criminals!  Imagine that – a director of gun initiatives in a liberal state going after the people who are pulling the triggers.

I wish them much success!

My hat is also tipped to Chris Megerian of The Star-Ledger for the good reporting

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