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The Democratic nomination for Manhattan district attorney, Richard M. Aborn, is starting off his run for office by taking an old page from the Democrat Play Book: Gun Control.

Since New York City is a liberal battlement zone and also a self-declared gun-free zone (translation: target-rich environment) all crime is big.  Guns, knives, pipes, baseball bats and even strangulation by bare hands and garrotes are all weapons of death.  Even cars are used as murder weapons.  Rapes, robberies and other violent crimes are high.

Mr. Aborn decides he must present his plan for reducing gun crimes.  From his announcement, I gather he will concentrate on guns and leave the other crimes for later.  And like a good gun-banner, he will pull out all the stops and present what he says are proven steps to solve the gun epidemic.

  • Set up a regional interdiction approach to gun trafficking.
  • Have more gun buyback programs.
  • Set up a program in which parents could give the police permission to search homes for guns.
  • Mandate that pistols sold in New York include micro-stamping technology.
  • Institute a five-year renewal process for handgun permits.
  • Provide support for a national gun-control strategy.

He is right in the fact that these steps are proven, but does not understand the significance of the phrase “proven wrong”.

A “regional approach” to gun trafficking was already tried by Bloomberg when he sent out people to buy guns and they “posed” as straw purchasers.  If you or I did that we would be in Federal Prison for 10 years without parole.

The Oakland, CA police chief admitted that the gun buy-back programs did absolutely no good in Oakland.  In fact, guns turned in were destroyed and not even tested to see if thay were used in any murders.  This was applauded by the Oakland gangs as a way to be able to eliminate evidence that could be used against them.

Imagine letting a police officer with orders from a rabid prosecuting attorney to search your house for guns.  This is another liberal “for the children” protection scheme intended to seize all your guns, not just the ones your child may have.  If your child is a gang-banger, the gun you keep to protect yourself is also gone.

Micro-stamping, in its present form, has been proven not to work.  This effectively eliminates any new guns being sold in the city.  If they make it retroactive, all gun owners will have their guns seized.

A five-year renewal policy sounds great in New York City, as it is just about impossible to obtain a handgun permit there (keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!).  In reality, it sets the stage for another stumbling block for law-abiding gun owners.

Providing support for a national gun control policy does absolutely nothing for New York City with the exception of a more draconian policy being rammed down U.S. citizens’ throats by the Obama administration.

Needless to say, criminals who commit the crimes (both with and without guns) will ignore the new laws and probably will not be punished for breaking them.  In fact, New York City, along with other liberal cities, have not been turning felons caught with guns over to the federal courts for prosecution.  If a convicted felon is caught just processing a gun, they will spend at least 10 years in federal prison, and there is no parole for federal sentences.

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