Mayor Decides Criminals Cause Gun Deaths

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The Brady Bunch (AKA Handgun Control, Inc. and The Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence) and the Violence Policy Center (a bunch of lawyers dedicated to the eradication of guns, not gun violence) are shouting louder and louder that gun violence is getting worse.  They use every report of people getting killed by a gun to their advantage and prey upon the victims of the crimes to join them in shameful public displays of emotion to outlaw all gun ownership.

The sad fact is each success they claim in new gun restrictions and outright bans, like outlawing CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) on college campuses, the more people die when the criminals quickly discover the target-rich gun-free zones where they are guaranteed not to be deterred.

Not everyone believes the gun-banners and the numbers of disbelievers are increasing each week.  One of the latest converts appears to be Daytona’s Mayor Rhine McLin.

She has figured out that a lot of gun deaths are in certain groups of people.  No, she is not racially profiling.

She just discovered that gun crime has concentrations in groups of people involved in a few areas: gangs (gang-bangers are almost universally known for their lack of respect of authority and life in general by using guns for turf protection and dispute resolution), drugs (drug sellers and users alike are prone to use guns to settle debts and quarrels), gun runners (yes, the real organized crime gun runners and not the next door neighbor who privately sells you that Remington 100 you have eyeing since you went to the skeet range; yes, a private sale still has to go through an FFL) and people involved in violence (can you imagine violent people not using a weapon when others have guns?).

Besides using the local city police officers and the DA, she is also using the BATFE, FBI and the U.S. Attorney.  Greater numbers of convictions combined with the addition of Federal Charges (there is no parole from federal sentences) is credited in reducing gun deaths.

She also has found out that when people witness a crime and stay silent the perps are not usually caught.  When witnesses come forward, the criminals stand a much better chance of getting a fully paid very long vacation at the Gray Bar Hotel.

Ban guns and gun deaths rise.  Prosecute the criminals and gun deaths go down.  Now, when will those people who praise gun control wake up and smell the gunpowder?

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