Obama Couldn’t Kill the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Arizona

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Arizona is an Open Carry state.  In other words, as long as your gun (pistol, revolver or rifle) is visible you can exercise your Second Amendment Rights in public.  If you wish to discretely carry (hidden from view) a firearm, you still need a CCW license.

I attended the 2008 Gun Rights Policy Conference and there were hundreds of people carrying their guns openly at the conference.  In the evening, we went to a few restaurants and about 10% of the people in public were carrying a firearm openly.

I personally felt safe because people who carry openly are probably the most kind and courteous group of people around.  I asked a few people who were not carrying and who were residents Of Arizona and no one I talked to was concerned; it is common to see people carrying firearms in public.

So what happened when President Obama visited veterans in Phoenix?  Several people in the protestor groups were carrying firearms openly in public.

In fact one person was carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.  When asked why he was carrying a loaded AR-15 slung over his shoulder, he replied “Because I can.”  Yes, the Second Amendment is practiced in Arizona.

 What did the police and secret service do with all these firearms outside of the event?  Absolutely nothing that was visible.  The police said everyone was being orderly and obeying the law.

The Secret Service naturally did not return calls to the news services; however, you can probably envision that they had many agents in plain clothes spread throughout the crowd.  If there was anyone known to be a crackpot or a real threat to the President within 100 miles or so, I would bet that they were being “questioned” for a few hours while he was in town.

Too bad California suppresses the Second Amendment or I would carry a loaded firearm openly.  Yes, I know it is legal to carry a firearm openly in California in certain areas, but it has to be unloaded and what is the sense of carrying a firearm that can only be used as a club?  I would also bet your firearm will be checked by every police officer you come across to make sure it was unloaded – too much of a hassle.

So what was the outcome of all those angry people armed with firearms protesting Obama’s socialized health care?  Every one of them was peaceful and did not threaten President Obama.  Like I said, people who legally carry firearms in public (either openly or discretely) are the gentlest people you will meet.

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