Liberals and Firearms

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I came across a blog entry that attempts to use statistics to spread lies about the personal beliefs of defenders of the Second Amendment.  Entitled “Do Republicans love their guns more than they love liberal Americans?” the blog entry is an attempt like no other I have seen to group gun owners and Republicans together and pit their morality into an accusation of hypocrisy and hatred of the liberals.

Naturally this was written by a liberal writer.  He is William Skordelis and writes for as a National Liberal Issues Examiner.  He’s got two left hands, two left feet, and always thinks with the left side of his brain.

I can hear you already accusing me of picking on an unprotected liberal, but I assure you that they are not in season at this time.  In fact, that is how he describes himself!

Let’s see, where can I start?  There are so many areas of deceit that I may turn this into a series; there is a lot of fodder here.

He starts out be citing several Rasmussen polls and combining them in an amusing manner to make his progressive point.  He does post a picture he found on flickr of a woman aiming a nice tricked-out AR.  It is captioned “Guns. Better than sex?”

Well, if you have ever shot a firearm really well, it is one of the more exciting sports that is the most pleasurable you can have with your clothes still on.

The applied usage of this in an anti-gun article definitely takes a swipe of gun owners sexual proclivity and attempts to exploit that Freudian misconception that people who genuinely appreciate firearms do so due to a lack of sexual prowess.  I can assure you from personal experience that there is not a shred of truth in this.  The later reference to “cold hard steel” could even possibly be a Freudian slip by Mr. Skordelis; erupting feelings of inadequacy?

 The picture also plays on the fear mongering liberals like to employ about those “big bad black” guns, as the gun is black and is photographed against a black background.  I dabble in photography and the photographer did a great job of lighting.

Before any liberal tries to say this is an assault rifle, I can assure you it is only an assault rifle in California’s warped sense of law (along with a few other liberal institutions that would love to ban all firearms.

He states:

75% of the Americans polled stated positively that the Constitution guarantees their right to own a gun. The disparity between Conservatives and Liberals is evident with 92% of the Republicans answering “yes,” 64% of the Democrats, and 71% of “others” believing that as Americans the Constitution protects their right to bear arms.

Well, it looks like that even more than 2/3 of self-described liberals believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, as our God-given right to self defense as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States!

Another poll on the increase of gun and ammunition sales as Obama’s popularity in the polls grew before the election is quoted as 57% of the people believed it was the fear of more government control that was causing the surge in purchases.  Also 23% said it was because of fear of crime.

The real story here is that 80% of the people feared if Obama won the election there would be more government control and/or more crime.  Well, Obama has confirmed half of that fear.

Look at all the banks the liberal Obama administration has nationalized; car companies were taken under government control with the start of Government Motors; Nationalized health care is now being pushed.  This is a textbook case of Marxism.  Bill Ayers is definitely proud of President Obama.  Most of Obama’s Cabinet and his Czars are strident gun-banners with long track records of usurping our constitutional rights.

 Interestingly enough, according to the FBI, crime is down!  In interviews with hardened criminals and murderers, most of them said their “jobs” were much tougher in areas where large numbers of law-abiding citizens owned firearms for protection.

Criminals solve this by moving their crimes to areas where the state and local governments restricts firearm ownership.  In other words, target-rich environments attract criminals.  I am amazed that most liberals do not understand this basic fact.

A pre-election poll showed 63% of all voters believed Obama would increase firearms restrictions.  By all indications from the Czars and the likes of House Madam Pelosi and Senator Feinstein this is on its way to becoming true.

After all of his statistics (my dad used to tell me all the time about the use of statistics “figures can lie and liars figure”) he comes up with this ending:

So what is it about the cold hard steel of firearms that holds such hypnotic sway among so many devout Christian soldiers?

Like a good “progressive”, William is making fun of Christianity with this reference and the previous poke at the Christian belief in the sanctity of life (tied to Republicans of all things) and since his last name is not overtly a Muslim name, I would assume he is a non-believer.  I’ll add him to my prayers this evening that God makes Himself known to William and shows him how Jesus can give him eternal life.

It is interesting that liberals tend to group Christianity, guns and moral values together.  I wonder why a lot of liberals tend to not openly profess morals and beliefs in Jesus.  It sort of makes sense that since the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness are the first things thrown out the window since they all are God-given rights.

 Yes, even the unborn child is, in fact, alive, and practitioners of Marx indeed go after religious freedom first, especially if it is Christianity and Judaism.  Thousands of years of history show that Jews and Christians alike are easily slaughtered after they are first disarmed, so Marx dictates (I like that choice of word) that the populace to be controlled have all their forms of self-defense removed.

His retort:

The answer is part rural heritage, and part a deep inbred distrust of the federal government, especially a liberal led government.

Look at the choice of words.  The use of “inbred” is demeaning, as though we have diminished mental capacity like portrayed in Deliverance.  The term “rural heritage” is accosted and debased as though being raised in the country is bad.  Actually, being raised in the country tends to make one more self-sufficient and responsible.

Being raised in an urban or inner-city environment, especially in a liberal-run metropolis tends to imprint a lack of personal accountability and a reliance on government provided sustenance.  Deadly crime in liberal cities has always been higher than the nation-wide average since the deprivation of Second Amendment rights leads to defenseless citizenry.

As to the reference tying Republicans to guns is ridiculous.  Liberals often confuse the Republican political party with conservatism.  I know of some Republicans (although I consider them RINOs) who want to ban guns.  Every conservative I know does believe in the Second Amendment, but belief in all of the Constitution of the United States.

I know many people who describe themselves as liberals and they own plenty of guns and ammunition.  Yes, even the big, bad, cold, hard, black ones.

What is bred in American Citizens is a distrust of big government.

America was founded by believers of the Gospel of Jesus due to an oppressive government.  The Boston Tea Party was the start of the Creation of the United States.  Yes, there is a well deserved distrust of oppressive government, especially a liberal (i.e. progressive, Communist, Marxist) led government.

William got that part right and I am proud to be one of those patriotic Americans that cling to their Bibles and guns.  Obama’s slur against his subjects can be worn as a badge of courage.

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  1. Thomas says:

    “The answer is part rural heritage, and part a deep inbred distrust of the federal government, especially a liberal led government.”

    A word is misplaced; this should read:

    The answer is part rural heritage, and part a deep distrust of the federal government, especially an inbred liberal led government.

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