You May Get Killed When Hiking and Hunting

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There is danger in them thar’ hills… and forests and parks and on private land.

Yes, you heard me correctly.  There definitely is an increased chance of getting killed while hiking and hunting.  No, it is not due to the legal hunters or people who have concealed weapons (CCW) permits, or even the people who carry a gun when camping and hiking for protection against animals.

The main reason in California is because of drug gangs from south of our boarder.  Not just Mexican gangs, but gangs from South America that make the old Columbian Cocaine cartels look like angels.

In the last several years our National and State Forests and Parks have been taken over by drug gangs.  They find the isolation in our huge forests comforting and most drug labs and pot growers do not get detected.  Also, as quick as our Fish and Game Wardens and state and federal agents can close down the discovered ones, they seem to pop right up again under another gang’s ownership.

I have been told by several people who have first-hand knowledge of these operations that there are many reports each year of people disappearing in the woods and never being found.  They have also confirmed they have discovered bodies buried near the labs.

These criminals are very well armed with fully automatic weapons, hand grenades and even claymore mines.  They kill first and ask no questions.

It has been suggested if you run into these people while hunting and they start shooting at you, your best thing is to shoot back, as they will not let you escape.  I have also been told that there is no bag limit on these vermin.

In order to protect yourself and lessen the chance of any confrontation, you need to always be in “condition yellow” while in the woods.  Be on the outlook for anything unusual or anything that seems out of place in a forest.

If you do see anything out of the ordinary, casually turn around and go back the exact way you came in.  If you have a GPS unit, mark the coordinates so you can read them later.  As soon as you get out, immediately notify the police or Game Warden.

Here is a list of things to look out for:

  • Fish hooks hanging at eye level from tree branches.
  • Diverted creeks and waterways.
  • Irrigation pipe and tubing.
  • Pipes coming from creeks or going to creeks.
  • Chemical smells.
  • Dirty sock smells (given off in the process of making methamphetamine).
  • Large fish hooks baited with meat and wired around tree trunks (they catch stray bears this way and it is very inhumane and painful for the bears).
  • Full 55-gallon drums of chemicals or waste products.
  • Anything else that should not be in the forest.

The gangs are even moving on to private property.  People who own large farms or expanses of woods often to not ever get to visit all of their land and the gangs take advantage of this.

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  1. repo4sale says:

    Very True. In North Calif. & Central Calif. I always inspect vacant Acreage with 5 mags full. aka 76 Rounds on me. Some times I wear “camo” and a vest too while inspecting foreclosure acres! Money is fun, blood is not, pain is not for me!

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