Pizza Will Kill You

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Yes, it is true that more guns mean less crime. The opposite is also true less guns means more crime.

I have said it so much that it sounds like an endless tape loop. Prohibit guns and you get a target-rich environment for criminals.

You may remember several Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza employees through America were fired for using a gun to protect themselves while delivering pizza. The funny thing was that most, if not all of the time the guns were just presented and the criminals fled; no criminal wants to be shot.

These truths work everywhere. Philadelphia, my home team town, is once again providing proof.

Philadelphia has very strict gun laws that just about prohibit carrying a firearm in the city.

Of course, large donations to the Democrat party machine and Democrat candidates will enable you to carry a concealed firearm for protection. The proletariat gets squashed and the aristocracy reins supreme.

So it is not surprising that two pizza delivery people have been killed while they were robbed within two weeks. The press reports completely ignore the fact that the victims were not permitted to carry a gun for self defense.

Unfortunately, criminals pay no attention to the laws. They also do not hesitate to use them.

Philadelphia should wise up and let the law-abiding citizens defend themselves. The police just get there in time to examine the bodies and file the reports.

Of course, I should talk. I have lived in California for the past 30 years and cannot legally carry a firearm to protect myself either.

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