Member Review: Samco Global Arms Inc of Miami Florida

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Don’t waste time ordering ammo from Samco Global Arms Inc of Miami Florida

Ladies and gents a bit of advice as you consider your next purchase of ammunition from out of state sources.

DO NOT ORDER FROM SAMCO GLOBAL ARMS INC. 6995 N.W. 43rd Street Miami, FL 33166

This is the most screwed up company I have ever dealt with for any purchase. EVER.

a. When placing the original order, the lady on the phone could not add. Even using a calculator she got her addition wrong. And it took her longer to use a calculator than it took me to add it up with pencil and paper.

b. When I talked with the OWNER of Samco ( Osman ) about how screwed up things were at the order desk, he said he would fix it…….. and then he screwed it up.

c. My paperwork clearly instructed them to deliver to my San Jose address and they tried to ship it to Seaside California. I even included a copy of my PGE bill to confirm my address.

d. Then when I told them about their mistake, they told me they couldn’t ship it anyway since Seaside ( northern california ) was in Ventura County ( southern california ) .

e. Then when I told the boss ( Osman ) that I didnt want the ammo shipped to Seaside California but rather San Jose California he insisted that it didnt matter because they didnt ship to Ventura County anyway and that he had confirmed my ship to address was in Ventura County.



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