Self Protection Jeopardized In Oakland

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Oakland, like just about every other major city in the United States is run by a liberal/progressive political machine. It is also in debt because the machine is spending more than it can steal from it’s citizens.

It would seem to me that they would first cut back or eliminate duplicate and non essential services. Common sense would tell you to keep essential services running, like schools, fire and police.

In their infinite liberal wisdom, Oakland is eliminating 10% of its police force!

In a city that laid claim at times to the top ten murder rates, that is the last thing you want to do. In fact, if economic times get much worse you will need more police.

A liberal city is always prone to riots, as anarchists and their ilk love to put on clothing of the poor and destroy store and shops that provide the poor with goods. Just look at the Rodney King and the more recent Oakland BART trial riots. You see many anarchist hoodlums with masks covering their cowardly faces. In fact, I believe more people who live outside of Oakland were arrested damaging private property than were locals.

Now, what makes a riot nasty is that it is often uncontrollable at the beginning. If you happen to live in the riot area, you stand a chance of being hurt or killed. You stand a greater chance of losing everything you have, like shelter and food, and of course your tv’s.

How do you protect yourself? Well, a police officer once told me to get a baseball bat and start swinging at the people who were attacking. That may work when you are faced with one or two unarmed crooks, but it will be useless against a mob. Yes, you may get a few of them, but they will overcome you and then, hope you have enough faith in Jesus and heart to get into heaven.

What will work against a mob is a nice semiautomatic Bushmaster in .223 or larger caliber. Yes, I am talking about those EVIL, black firearms that the uninformed legislators like to call assault rifles.

My mind still sees that Korean shop keeper in the middle of a riot with stores burning all around him standing with such a firearm. Amazing the mob left his shop alone as well as the shops near his. On top of this not a single member of the murderous mob was killed or even wounded by this firearm. Just the simple fact that a firearm was present made the mob go on to places where there were no firearms.

A semi-automatic shotgun with plenty of shells works also. Even a handgun can protect you.

States like Indiana, where people carry loaded firearms openly, do not have this problem. You see, people who break laws do not want to pick on armed victims.

This is one of the things the Second Amendment was created for. Liberal/progressive cities and states and governments disarm or make it extremely hard for you to protect yourself.

Like the old saying goes, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away; that is if there are any police available to respond in your area.

Besides the Supreme Court has ruled that the police are not responsible and cannot be held accountable to protect you individually. The Supreme Court has also ruled that the Second Amendment is there to allow citizens to bear (carry) arms to protect themselves.

Remove everyone, no matter what political party they belong to, from office with your vote and elect people who believe in the Constitution of the United States above all.

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