Exploding Bullets Cause Bomb Scare In MIA – video

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This headline and other headlines like it are showing what a totally misinformed bunch a lot of journalists have become.

Yes, exploding bullets do exist, but they are totally illegal to possess and even harder to come by than C4 or other such explosives.  These were not in the bag that exploded in the Miami International Airport.

What “exploded” were primers for cartridges.  I would hesitate to call it an explosion – more like very weak firecrackers.

This a "Cartridge" not a bullet.

This a cartridge, not a bullet.

To see what primers are, look at item #5 in the diagram.

I’m not going to go into a description of the makeup of the bullet (click here to see that) other than to say the primer is what ignites the gunpowder and that explodes and forces the bullet (lead, copper or other material) down the barrel of the firearm.

Now take a look at the picture of primers in their box, just as you buy them through the internet or through your local firearms shop.

Primers - there are 100 in a box

Primers - there are 100 in a box

They are all in their separate spot in the box and short of hitting them with a hammer, I don’t see how they could have exploded by an airline baggage handler throwing the bag or dropping it on the tarmac.

It was reported that the unidentified person had 500 to 700 primers which seems like a lot but really is not since you usually get 100 primers in a small flat pack.

“Officials believe when the baggage handler sat the bag down on the ground, it caused one of the bullet primers to rupture and explode, which ignited a chain reaction among the other tiny pieces of metal.”

This is a totally misreported and misinformed statement.  There is no way “the baggage handler sat the bag down on the ground.”  Even if the primers were dumped loose into the bag, that baggage handler would have had to throw that package from the airplane like he was trying to score from the opposite end of a basketball court.

The person carrying the primers was arrested by the TSA so hopefully we can find out whether or not the primers were loose.  If they were, jail the guy as he gives the rest of us law-abiding firearm owners a bad name.

Might as jail him anyway, as primers are not allowed in checked baggage – they must be shipped by a common carrier.

They should also arrest the baggage handler for mistreating and damaging private property.
It should be noted that the baggage handler was not injured.  One of the 700 primers bounced off his shoe.

The Mythbusters should try and duplicate this one!

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