Take a Firearm to a Gunfight Not a Purse – video of shooting

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Clay Duke walked into a school board meeting in Panama City, Florida with a spray can of red paint and a pistol in his pocket. After painting a “V” in a circle he began ranting about his wife being fired and running out of unemployment benefits.

He starts waving the gun around and telling them he is not going to live. Clay is clearly unbalanced and in fact, was a convicted felon prohibited from even having a firearm around him.

Ginger Littleton, a school board member, decided to do something.

Now, most of us know that Florida is a shall-issue state for concealed carry permits. Anyone who is not a criminal and is of sound mind can obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon for self protection.

You will see in the attached video what Ginger does: she takes her purse and….. hits the gunman in the arm with it! The purse was not that heavy and the gunman threw her to the ground. She is very lucky she was not shot and killed for such a stupid stunt.

Clay fires at the Superintendant Bill Husfelt at such a close range that the muzzle blast blows papers from the desk. Fortunately for all involved, the gunman misses.

Next you see the effects of Mike Jones who is head of security for the school district and a retired police detective. Mike hits the gunman several times in the legs and brings him down.

Normally a double-tap to the chest area is called for to stop an attack such as this, but Mike knew his bullets could go through the perp’s chest and hit others in the room. Mike did what was the best choice available – he shot for the legs and hit them.

Mike did not have time to disarm the gunman. The gunman, not wanting to go back to prison and fulfilling his statement that he was not going to live, shot himself in the head. He died.

The video proves that purses are not as effective in dealing with an armed felon as a properly used firearm.

The attached video is graphic in nature, so if you are sensitive to such a display do not play the video.

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  1. Jedan says:

    I have to agree with you, 'Gun Free Zones' would not deter a felon to carry out an act of asioegsgrn. Instead, i feel it would provoke & instigate him more to hit that particular area

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