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Surprise! Florida’s 3 day waiting period meant nothing……to a murderer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn In Florida last month,  a mother of two decided she had had enough of her two ” mouthy ” kids.  So she decided to go out and buy a gun. She shot her 13 year old … Continue reading

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Police officer accidentally fires gun – bullet hits his chest

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (Originally posted at Jeffrey Stenroos, a Los Angeles School Police Officer who committed a hoax when he said a parolee shot him, is being investigated for shooting himself.  Jeffrey is now saying he “accidentally” fired … Continue reading

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Investigative Reporting Workshop Presents Gunrunning Story

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Recently, the GS2AC was contacted by a representative of American University.   The email indicated that two academicians at American University were working with PBS  Frontline  on a hit piece that would blame the US for Mexican gun violence.    Here … Continue reading

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