Investigative Reporting Workshop Presents Gunrunning Story

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Recently, the GS2AC was contacted by a representative of American University.   The email indicated that two academicians at American University were working with PBS  Frontline  on a hit piece that would blame the US for Mexican gun violence.    Here is the link to the PBS Frontline article……..    ) .. and here is a reply by the President of the GS2AC.


Mr Williams

Thank you for the interesting article and reference.

It appears that the authors of this article ( Mr Young and Mr Cummings ) are associates of yours at AU .    I was wondering if you knew whether or not they were planning further investigation on the subject regarding other indicated channels for arms trafficking into Mexico.

For example,  a 2009 article by William La Jeunesse and Maxim Lott  indicated that of all the arms recovered by the Mexican authorities only  17 percent could be traced back to US  sources.  (  see:  The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S…. By William La Jeunesse and Maxim Lott April 02, 2009 )     According to the authors,  68% of the weapons recovered were never even submitted for tracing and of the fraction remaining,  those linked to US dealers represented  only 17% of the total.

In brief,  if their article failed to address  the remaining  83% of the weapons in question,  one might come away with an inaccurate assessment of the issue.  Do you know if they plan to investigate the sources for the other  83%?

For example,  here in California there was a recent report that AR 15’s were stolen from the Sheriff’s Dept.  And these were weapons capable of full-auto firing. (   see:    Hunt continues for stolen sheriff weapons, second theft reported    By Robert Salonga Contra Costa Times 01/07/2009  )

Also,  I would be interested in getting their opinion regarding recent claims that the BATFE  may have been involved with allowing firearms trafficking into Mexico.   ( see:    KNOX GUN-RIGHT REPORT
Did U.S. agency smuggle guns to Mexico to justify its budget?   Jeff Knox wonders if death of border agent could spell end of ATF      By Jeff Knox WorldNetDaily 1 22 2011  )

Frankly speaking, I have a great deal of suspicion about the way this issue has been addressed.

From a purely common sensical perspective,   the whole notion of drug cartels relying on US straw purchasers just doesn’t make sense.   Why would an organization capable of utilizing their own fleet of aircraft,  ships and recently,  even submarines,  to transport large volumes of drugs rely on small lot purchases from US sources subject to tracing?   Wouldn’t it make more sense to make large volume acquisitions using these resources and rely on nations known for trafficking irresponsibly?  (  eg  North Korea,  the Peoples Republic of China, etc )

Furthermore,  if these same organizations are purchasing explosives such as hand grenades, etc  which are not available from US sources,  wouldn’t it make sense to purchase firearms from the same suppliers?

I will  be hoping to hear Mr Young and Mr Cummings report about these other factors in the near future.

Mark S Towber

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