Police officer accidentally fires gun – bullet hits his chest

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Los Angeles School Police Officer Jeffrey Stenroos

Los Angeles School Police Officer Jeffrey Stenroos

Jeffrey Stenroos, a Los Angeles School Police Officer who committed a hoax when he said a parolee shot him, is being investigated for shooting himself.  Jeffrey is now saying he “accidentally” fired his gun.

I support our police officers to the hilt, but something about this incident screams “Accident – NOT!!!”

It seems that all the police investigators think his latest story is just as strange as his first.

Understandably, Jeff is trying to avoid additional questioning, as he checked himself into a hospital a few days later complaining of chest pains.

Of course, his chest should be hurting!  The LA Times Blogs reported that investigators saw “his chest had bruising similar to what would be caused by a bullet hitting his protective vest.”

I have to ask:

Did he accidentally fire his gun and the bullet just happened to hit him in the chest?

Was he testing out his bullet-resistant vest to make sure it worked?

No matter what happened, this officer should be made to take a hunter education course.

He would learn the three most important firearm safety rules:




Even the children that come to the hunter safety classes I help teach learn that.

That reminds me: even if you don’t hunt, take your children to a hunter safety class or any good firearms safety class so they know what a firearm can do and know how to safely treat them.

Hmmm…..  Isn’t Jeffrey a “Los Angeles School Police Officer”?  What is this teaching the LA school kids?

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