Surprise! Florida’s 3 day waiting period meant nothing……to a murderer

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In Florida last month,  a mother of two decided she had had enough of her two ” mouthy ” kids.  So she decided to go out and buy a gun.

She shot her 13 year old son at point plank range in their car while driving him to soccer practice.   Then she drove home to shoot her 16 year old daughter in the head while she was studying.

The disgusting thought of a mother doing this to her children  is only surpassed by the fact that Florida’s 3 day waiting period was touted by the gun control community as an important measure that would stop gun crime.  Gun control  laws did nothing to stop her… and never will.    In the cold words of the very woman who shot her children,  written in a note before the shooting,  she said that the three-day gap between buying and taking a gun home would only  “delay the massacre.”

How many times have we heard from gun control advocates that more laws will stop gun crimes?   And how many times have these restrictions failed?  Every time.  At Virginia Tech,  waiting periods didn’t stop a mass shooting.  At Columbine, ” gun free zones” didn’t stop a mass shooting.  Do we need to say any more?

The bottom line is this:   anyone intent on breaking the law regarding murder will never be stopped by waiting periods,  registration schemes,  gun free zones and large capacity magazine bans.  Law breakers who have no intention of obeying felony statutes have already decided to disregard all the lesser laws.  The only thing these laws do,  is make criminals of law abiding citizens….. and undermine the right to keep and bear arms.

And I take back one thing I said:   There is one more thing even more disgusting than a mother shooting her children………  that’s the fact that the people who support gun control measures like this one will continue to impose more of the same while ignoring the fact that they know these laws will never will stop crime.  And at every step of the way,  more innocent people will die….. and more freedoms will be lost.

They arrested the mother who shot her children………… but I wonder how long we have to wait before the advocates of gun control are arrested for their repeated acts of criminal negligence  and attempts to murder the Second Amendment.


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