Beauty queen stops attacking intruder cold with her pink .38 in Florida

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Meghan Brown, 25 was Miss Tierra Verde in 2009 in Florida.  She is engaged to Robert Planthaber, and the couple is well off as Meghan wears a $60,000 engagement ring.

Robert makes his money as an arborist and bought his fiancé a cute pink .38 handgun as a Christmas present last year and took her to the range where she didn’t shoot too well.

Evidently, she shot well enough to shoot an intruder in the chest, groin, thigh and back and stop his attack.  Albert Hill, who had a long record including 13 years in prison, assumed room temperature shortly after he was stopped during the attack.

Albert broke in at 3 am when Meghan went to answer the banging at the door.  The intruder grabbed her and dragged her to a bedroom where Robert, husband-to-be, defended her. The intruder started to beat Robert badly and Meghan retrived her pink .38 and terminated the attack.

Florida’s castle doctrine works and this career criminal and repeat offender will not be committing any more crimes.

Read the Fox News article.

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